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Dead Space Remake on Game Pass?

After 13 years, sci-fi survival horror game Dead Space returned with an all-new remake on January 27 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Players often ask if Dead Space: Remake is available on Game Pass; however, EA typically doesn’t put its games up for subscription at launch; it could potentially appear sometime down the road.

Game Pass

Dead Space Remake recently debuted to tremendous acclaim on PC, PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S to great fanfare. This modernized adaptation of the sci-fi survival horror franchise brings it into today’s gaming experience while maintaining the same look and feel of its predecessor games – making sure fans of both are satisfied. However, some may wonder whether or not Microsoft Game Pass offers access to Dead Space Remake?

Game Pass is a subscription-based gaming service that grants its subscribers access to a large library of video games. It provides gamers with an excellent way to try out new titles without paying full price upfront; however, not every title released digitally at launch will be included on Game Pass; some may require waiting until later for purchase; this means if you subscribed to the service before Dead Space remake is included as one option on it.

Dead Space will eventually make it onto Game Pass; however, its availability will not coincide with that of most AAA titles on launch day due to EA’s policy of not releasing their games for Game Pass immediately after retail store releases; rather they often release it months or even years after such as with A Plague Tale: Requiem or Monster Hunter World Royale.

Noteworthy is also that Dead Space remake will eventually become available through EA Play; EA Play is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions; therefore if you are keen on experiencing it for yourself then simply purchase one month of Game Pass Ultimate before unlocking access through EA Play when it becomes available.

As of now, no official announcement has been made as to when or if Dead Space remake will be added to Game Pass; however, previous trends indicate it could arrive sometime between 9-12 months of its launch date.

No matter your opinion on Dead Space series or remake, its 2023 remake is sure to give your nerves an extreme test as you explore USG Ishimura and take on Necromorphs. Shawn has been playing games for 15 years – playing many genres and styles but most notably first-person shooters like Valorant or Warframe. When not shooting things at Valorant or Warframe he spends his time grinding out hundreds of hours.

EA Play

After years of silence, one of the most beloved sci-fi survival horror franchises is back with a remake that’s both faithful to its roots while adding welcome modern upgrades. Released on January 27, 2023, Dead Space Remake quickly earned rave reviews from critics and players alike upon launch on January 27, 2023. Unfortunately it is not available through Xbox Game Pass or EA Play subscription services at launch; however it may make its way onto them in future updates.

EA Play is EA’s digital distribution platform that gives players access to its extensive catalogue of titles, early access and special bonuses for major releases. Subscribers of EA Play Ultimate plan will have unrestricted access to Dead Space Remake; otherwise, PC or console gamers can purchase through Steam, Epic Games Store, EA app and even Steam/ Epic Games Store/ Epic Games Store/ EA app (or alternatively purchase its Digital Deluxe edition which comes complete with an Anaodized Suit as well as three additional textures for Necromorphs).

Given that Dead Space Remake is published by EA, it may not be available immediately on Game Pass; however, it’s likely to become a part of its subscription service within several months of release – this was seen recently with Jedi Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront series titles from EA.

EA understandably wants to maximize its profits from sales of its games, particularly when they’re remakes that will be available across platforms at once. Offering subscription services may enable more people to engage with and play them – ultimately increasing revenue streams for EA.

Though other publishers have noted the negative ramifications of launching games on subscription services as having negative repercussions for sales at launch, EA will likely take these facts into consideration when making decisions regarding Game Pass availability for Dead Space Remake. It seems likely, though not imminently, that Dead Space Remake will eventually make its way onto Game Pass; fans can find it now on PC and current-gen consoles! Enjoy!

Xbox One

Dead Space revolutionized sci-fi survival horror gaming when it first debuted, introducing players to third-person perspective videogames for the first time. Now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, its next-gen remake brings Isaac Clarke and Necromorphs back into life… but is Xbox Game Pass compatible?

Dead Space Remake on Xbox Game Pass Has long been an ongoing discussion point amongst fans since its announcement, as many had subscribed to Game Pass hoping it would include this reimagining of classic title Dead Space. But there is some hope for those hoping to access this title!

EA Motive Studios’ Dead Space remake is an exhaustive overhaul of its predecessor and built using EA’s Frostbite engine, just like many of EA’s major titles. Furthermore, this version of Dead Space has been optimized for current console generations and PC hardware to ensure there won’t be any quality degradation compared to its original release; making the remake an exciting option for fans curious to experience what modifications have been made to gameplay, graphics, or story.

According to its official site, the new version of Icarus features new sequences not seen in its predecessor – including new camera angles and vantage points – not found in its predecessor. Also, zero gravity elements that made its predecessor unique have been given even greater emphasis, allowing players to move through space more freely with greater freedom while being attached to more familiar faces as Isaac Clarke navigates his perilous journey aboard Icarus ship necromorph-infested with deadly Necromorphs.

No word yet on whether the Dead Space Remake will be added to Xbox Game Pass upon its launch, but it should arrive sometime within nine months after its release date. This has been the trend with EA-published titles typically making their way onto Game Pass; so chances are high it’ll follow suit too. For players seeking somewhere to play it, Game Pass Ultimate provides access to several excellent titles including Valheim and Civilization 6. Furthermore, sci-fi survival horror titles such as The Callisto Protocol can also be found there! Happy playing!

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