Asmongold calls YouTube gaming: ‘Mixer was better’

Asmongold is one of the top creators of Twitch and is known for sharing their opinions on various topics. From politics to the World of Warcraft, OTK founders are never afraid to give up their minds. And in a broadcast on April 28, the To twist The star shared his thoughts on YouTube Gaming Watching a video of the popular YouTube streamer Ludwig.

The discussion began when a viewer in Asmongold’s chat informed him that Ludwig had uploaded a video discussing Twitch’s reported earnings changes. Asmongold was immediately on board to respond to a 10-minute video uploaded to Ludwig’s Mogul Mail channel, explaining that he was “curious” to see what the YouTube content creator had to say.

At the end of VideoLudwig compares To twist And YouTube gaming, saying that the Amazon-owned platform has “a lot to offer” for new creators, especially in terms of searchability. He added that YouTube’s live streaming segment is not the largest for viewers to find a producer that matches their interests. This is when Asmongold decided to say some harsh words for the platform.

“Ludwig is on contract; Non-desegregation clause. I’m not, “said Streimer. “This is rubbish; It’s completely rubbish; This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The mixer was better than this and the mixer is in the toilet. If YouTube is built around live streams, it will be in Dumpster. Fix it tomorrow. ”

Although Ludwig himself cannot state this clearly, the content maker most likely agrees with Asmongold, at least to some extent. He has a Browser extension created Which makes its YouTube Gaming Chat feels more like Twitch.

Despite the lack of platforms, numerous major Twitch streamers continue to switch to YouTube gaming. Huge streamers like Valkyrae, DrLupo and Timthetatman are just a few of the many that have come ashore.

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