CDL Major 3 Week 1

Here is a summary of each match from the last day of CDL Major 3 Weeks 1 qualifying round.

The Call of Duty League continued the Major 3 qualifiers on the third day of the first week. Here is a summary of each game, along with three more of last night’s amazing matches.

Seattle Surge 3-1 Paris Military

Seattle Surgeons has recently struggled in the Call of Duty League. However, with Sib and Prade returning to form, they looked at their best performance last night. It was easy to see in the first map of the HardPoint series on the backpack. Pride hit 41 and 1.58 K / D led the series 1-0, with Seattle mapping 250-233.

Next, the Paris Legion beat Tuscan Search and Destroy 6-3. However, Seattle won the 250-232 Tuscan hardpoint with a 3-0 control victory as the parade completed the series with a total of 1.29 K / D and the Sib was not trailing by 1.27.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-0 LA Thief

The LA Tigers look great from the Pro-Am Classic, but they lost 3-0 here to the Minnesota ROKKR, a team that has finally improved with a pair of Havoks. However, the match was not about Hawk, as Attache dominated the series with 83 kills and a total of 1.41 K / D.

ROKKR started the series with a 250-211 Gavutu hardpoint win, then closed the series with a 3-2 Berlin control with a 6-2 Tuscan Search and Destroy win. In control, Attache completed the map with 46 kills, more than half of his entire series, to help his team win the series.

New York Subliners 3-1 Boston Breach

The New York Subliners started the series with a 250-228 Tuscan Harpoint win. The map was dominated by Hydra, with 35 hits and 1.59 K / D giving the Subliners a 1-0 series lead. Boston Breach responded with a 6-4 Tuscan Search and Destroy victory, with TJ Halley leading by 2.25 K / D.

However, further control and hardpoint got in the way of the New York subliners as Hydra finished the series with a total of 1.27 K / D and 90 kills.

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