CS: Go to the best settings to help you improve

CS: GO is the world’s leading sport shooter. Thousands of people play this game every day and try to get better at it. Some players rely solely on their skills, while others seek additional help. Our CS: GO best settings are here to help you improve.

While it’s true that many people prefer to copy a professional player’s settings, it’s not always profitable. Just because a given player has a habit of playing using specific options does not mean that he will work for you. That’s why you have to be careful when deciding which option to put in your configuration.

Speaking of options, this article will give you more information about some of the important steps that you need to be aware of. Even if they don’t work for everyone, you can always test them and see what happens.

To use some of the settings mentioned below, you need to open your console. Usually, you can do this by pressing the key below the ESC.

Network settings

CS: One of the things that people forget when playing GO is that they need to adjust their network settings. Some players assume that the game will do everything itself and they don’t need to change anything. While this may be true to a certain point, there are certain things that will have a positive effect on your overall experience.

The settings you want to use will depend on a variety of factors, but your connection is the most important. If you have a stable network, good ping and no damage, you should use something like “cl_interp_ratio 1”. Some people prefer to use the number 0 after this command as it will force the game to calculate the optimal settings for your network.

When it comes to network settings, we need to show the most popular (net_graph). This option will help you a lot as it will give you FPS, Loss, Choke, Tick Rate etc. Will show different information like. To turn it on, you need to type “net_graph 1”.

Video settings

CS: The biggest problem that GO players face when they start playing is deciding their video settings. When CS 1.6 was a go-to game, most people didn’t have a good PC. Therefore, they were forced to use fewer settings to get more FPS.

Nowadays, most CS: GO players have powerful GPUs and CPUs that allow them to get 100, 200, 300 or even 400 FPS while using the highest resolution in the game. As a result, they don’t need to use low resolution unless they want to.

This is where it gets exciting because many old-school CS players prefer to use low resolution. People like Alexander “s1mple” Kostyliev use 1280 × 960 because he is used to it. Some people think that low resolution allows them to be more accurate. That said, using higher resolution will allow you to have a better overall experience as the game will look better.

In addition to the resolution, some people want to use the effect and shader options on high and very high, respectively. These two things will help you when there is smoke or molotov because you can see more clearly through the smoke and near the edges.

Adjust your DPI and zoom sensitivity

Every CS: GO player knows that having a good mouse while playing makes a real difference. Unlike other games like MOBAs, you need to have a good mouse when playing CS: GO as it helps you to be more accurate.

When it comes to accuracy, your DPI is the most important thing you need to adjust before you start playing. Also known as CPI, each mouse manufacturer uses it to indicate the capabilities of the sensor. Regardless of which mouse you are using, it will move as fast as your DPI.

Although it all depends on personal preference, most top-level CS: GO players prefer to use a lower DPI. Your DPI should depend on your mousepad, desk size and mouse.

In addition to DPI, another important setting is the zoom sensitivity. Of course, this is something that every AWP should consider because it is the primary weapon in the game that uses scope. There is no right value for zoom sensitivity, so it all comes down to personal preferences.

Audio settings

Audio settings are usually too standard for most players. In fact, each player has to decide their audio level and what type of headset they will use.

That said, once you go to your settings and check the audio output configuration, we recommend using the stereo headphones option. Additionally, you need to enable 3D audio processing options.

Some people even decide to use a special warning sound when they have 10 seconds left until the end of a given round.

Crosshair settings

Crosshair is the most important thing for every shooter and CS: GO is no exception. It is also an option that people have to choose carefully as it will have a significant impact on their game.

If you look at most professional players you will see that they use almost all small static crosshairs. This means that it will not change shape, no matter what its weapon. Of course, this does not mean that you should use the same options.

In general, people new to CS: GO prefer to use large and dynamic crosshairs because it allows them to keep track of where they are shooting. Needless to say, experienced players usually don’t need this because they already know they will never reach their goals.

Build mousewheels

Depending on your mouse, you may have buttons that you can use for different purposes. Although not all that useful, your mousewheel is definitely one of the options you need to use.

There are different things that people use for their mousewheels, but the most common is jumping. The fact that they can do this using their mouse can have a big impact on their gameplay.

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