Esfand was taken to hospital on the first day of OTK’s trip to South Korea

After just one day in South Korea, popular To twist Esfand was the streamer and co-founder of OTK To go to the hospital For injury.

OTK fans were told a few weeks ago that several members, including Mizkiev, Esfand, Emiru, would travel to South Korea, with guests in the 100 Thief Streamer Austin show. Content began on the night of May 3, as a group of streamers began to roam the streets of Seoul from sunset to sunset.

After several hours of flow, the broadcast was abruptly stopped. It was later revealed that Esfand had broken his thumb while playing against an arcade machine. Mizkeef initially said that Esfand would have to walk away from the camera several days after his hospital trip, as doctors were not sure if he would have to undergo surgery.

Mizkeef and Esfand were scrambling to see who could hit the hardest punch in an arcade game. As Austinshow explained, Esfand made a significant mistake that led to his hospitalization. “The next thing you know, we’re in a taxi to the Korean hospital,” Austin said.

Esfand updated fans Via Twitter Along with his X-ray image, he is writing “Still Gladiator” in reference to his recently acquired World of Warcraft PVP rank. Although many thought it would take a while for Esfand to recover, the streamer returned almost immediately and hosted the stream later in the night and kept moving around Seoul.

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