NIP Hamps: ‘This is the lineup I want to see move forward’

In the Legends Stage today, FURIA 2-0 dominated the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Ninja in pajamas to secure their place in the major playoffs, and captain Hamps Poser could not be happier with his men.

Although it was a strong collective performance, Patrick “es3tag” Hanson once again did a great job with AWP. Es3tag completed the series against FURIA by 30-18 K / D, which is great for anyone who is not incredibly familiar with accurate rifles.

In the absence of Nikolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, who has been out of the NiP lineup since December 2021 due to health issues, Dane has taken on the responsibility of using “Big Green” and is slowly building a solid AWPer. Hamps is so impressed with es3tag and the current lineup that he doesn’t want to change.

“It’s very important to have a stable five and now I think we have a very good five,” Hamps told HLTV. Post-match interview. “This is the lineup that I want to continue. We need a little more time, we have practiced a total of four weeks with this lineup. We’ve changed some roles, es3tag is on AWP, Plopski [is] Now a little more hidden with Brolan. But yes, I think if you want to win a lot of competition you need to have a stable lineup and I believe we are on a very good track right now. “

Whether dev1ce will return to NiP’s lineup has been unclear for months, especially after reports that he wants to play for Astralis again in December 2021. If es3tag continues to play well, it makes no sense to remove anyone on dev1ce’s side.

The PGL Antwerp Major Playoff will return to the NiP server on Thursday, May 19 at the Antwerp Sportpals venue starting in front of a live crowd.

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