Sentinels gave Cloud 9 their first LAN loss at Hello Infinite at HCS Kansas City

There are doubts about the potential of the legendary Sentinels roster Hello Infinity was silent today. The team defeated Cloud9 in a convincing 3-1 series at HCS Kansas City to advance to the winner’s final against OpTic Gaming.

Sentinels with Snake Bite, Frosty, Royal 2, and Lethul Roster are still infamous. Hello Titles for their consistency, they have a tough start in Halo Infinite. The December 2 Raleigh Major missed an opportunity to show his strength after the temporary suspension of Royal 2 from the competitive game, but his results did not improve much when HCS returned to Anaheim. In fact, HCS Anaheim’s fourth-place roster for the Sentinels ended a six-year series of Grand Finals in the main hello competitions.

The Sentinels’ previous matchup in Kansas City’s championship bracket created fears for the same thing, with the European Underdog Quadrant leading the team to the entire top-five set. The Sentinels bounced back to win 3-2 against the Quadrant, but then the winner was expected to be too high in order to beat C9 in the semifinals.

The Sentinels instead demonstrated their experienced coordination and talent since entering the main stage against defending champions Major Champions. Frosty and Royal 2 were in top form throughout the set, with Frosty winning a remarkable 3-1 at 1.48 K / D and an 18-7 performance at Slayer on Streets to stop C9 from trying to pull their side.

Lethal has become a frequent topic of discussion on the Sentinels roster due to its lack of performance compared to its peers. He finished the set with a disappointing 0.8 K / D – the only negative ratio on the Sentinels – Lethul was the most assisted in the lobby with a total of 48. Their role was a key factor in supporting the team’s narrow 4-3 Aquarius capture The Flag victory that led them to the winner’s final. Pulling the final flag, he then embarked on a significant riot trade with C9’s Echo Bottom Mid so that the Snakebite could safely pull the dangerous flag to their bottom.

This is the first time C9 has lost a series in the LAN tournament at Halo Infinite, indicating that the former stubborn Juggernaut in North America is all dead. Hope for a match again between Optic Gaming And the C9 will probably be short-lived until the C9 can reach a major elimination bracket grand final. But since the days of the roster dynasty in Hello 5: The Guardians, the Sentinels don’t seem to be back in battle form, with all previous predictions about who’s taking the trophy home are probably out of the window.

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