Shroud is convinced that Fortnite’s no-build mode is “no better” than the regular Battle Royale.

The second season of Fortnite Chapter 3 surprised players a month ago by adding an all-new playlist called “Zero Build”. Although many are now slowly getting used to it, with others To twist Star Michael “Shroud” Grazesic — Not sure about the new mode and the big changes.

The cover made it clear a month ago that he was not in the war royals at the time and Showing his statistics He has been playing low BR for the last 30 days. Their main role in the modern gaming format was that they all look alike in design and mechanics, with titles like Fortnite only differing from the field with different features.

Now, after the “No Build” mode, the overlay gives Fortnite another chance.

The mode has been praised for creating a new mode where Fortnite players can’t take any heights or build forts to cover their backs. According to the cover, it is “no better than this [the] Regular mode, “although he appreciated the change because it was” easy “for him to play.

The special is the To twist This is in stark contrast to what other popular streamers said last month about the new permanently-added mode. Dr. Anadar, Ninja and CypherPK all agreed that this new mode was ‘necessary’ for Fortnight to bring back the old players.

In this mode, the movement is increased to compensate for the no-build rule. Players can now slide while running to be faster, and some objects like grenades are not as useful as before. Even if you can no longer protect yourself with buildings, Epic Games has added a new reincarnation shield to fill it. Once the shield is gone, Fortnite players will have to wait a few seconds for it to return.

So far, the mode is bringing back old fans, breathing fresh air into the long-running Fortnite ecosystem. It looks like the game is trying new things and it is working.

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