The Protein Whistle and Reputation feature is now available in Rainbow Six Seasons Extract

Rainbow Six Extraction players can enjoy additional new content with the Nightmare Fog Crisis event, including a protein whistle and 10 new reputation levels for each operator.

The new Nightmare Fog Crisis event is here, giving players a chance to escape the deadly fog as they fight through three sub-zones to destroy the poisonous tree. Illusions, disruptions, and impaired outcomes make this new program a daunting task, and it is important to keep neurotoxin levels low for success. Players need to adjust their playing style to ensure that as little time as possible is spent in the fog.

Extraction players can also expect potentially new protein operators to appear in the gateway objective, and 10 new reputation levels for each operator give fans a new advantage.

Protein Whistle will now occasionally appear during gateway objectives, introducing a new twist in challenging boss fights. When players teleport through the gateway, a special version of a particular operator appears, which must be removed to complete the mission. These protein operators mimic the capabilities of their real counterparts, offering a fierce battle. Vigil is an excellent operator with the ability to hide from enemies, so expect a tough new battle.

10 new reputation levels for each operator give players more incentive to study each character. Levels of prestige are displayed in the UI and they are different from milestone progress. Completing the prestige level unlocks new unique permanent prizes with symbols, uniforms and headgear.

Nightmare Fog Crisis and other new stuff is now available, so boot extraction and grinding.

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