Winston overwatch guide, time to do science

It is safe to say that Winston is one of the most recognizable names in Overwatch. This tank has been around for some time and has become an option for most people. Nowadays, it is not so popular among casual players, but it is often one of the options for professionals. Find out how to master it in our Winston Overwatch guide.

Unlike most non-mobile tanks, Winston can easily evade danger or chase his enemies if needed. What’s more, it is capable of causing significant damage, making it much more dangerous than others.

Despite his reputation for being easy to play, Winston has some tips and tricks that set him apart. Because he was one of the first heroes in Overwatch and was the most popular.]. However, some of them do not know how to use their full potential, so we will look at everything in this Winston Overwatch guide.

Winston is easy to play

Some important things set Winston apart from his peers, and one of them is how easy it is to master him. Unlike heroes like Racking Ball, Winston is incredibly easy to play. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, not to mention every tank in the overwatch.

Since Winston does not require mechanical skills, it is a great choice for those who take the first step in overwatch. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone can pick him up and get him to work. There are many small things that set some players apart and one of them is related to its dynamics. Let’s talk a little bit about its potential.

Winston can kill many enemies at once

One of the most important things to check when deciding whether to select a tank in Overwatch is Hero’s HP. Winston has a total of 500 HP, making him one of the strongest heroes in the game. He also has a shield, which means he can easily launch many attacks.

That being said, one of the things that makes him special is his regular attacks called Tesla Cannon. This weapon does 60 damage per second, its range is 8 meters and AoE is 6 meters. What’s more, the capacity is 100 ammo and uses 20 rounds per second.

Although the damage is not so effective, Winston can kill many enemies at once. Moreover, this weapon has only 1.7-second reload time, making it the fastest in the game.

Another thing many Winston players don’t know is that Tesla cannons can kill enemies with obstacles. This is one of the many reasons you can often find Winston against heroes like Rain or Orissa.

The jump pack can be amazing

In addition to its damage ability, it also has the best escape / chase ability in the game, known as the jump pack. When used, Winston jumps into the air and lands. Once that happens, he will face a loss between 1 and 50. This ability also allows him to do a small knockback when affected.

Jump packs can be used defensively or aggressively depending on the situation. Some people prefer to save it when found in complex situations, but many Winston players like to jump on top of heroes like Widow or Genji and kill them in time.

In addition to learning how and when to jump, you should do the same when you want to use your shield. The Barrier Projector isn’t the strongest shield in the game, but it can make a difference when it comes down to survival. If you use it properly, you can easily dodge certain stunts or other abilities that could lead to your death.

Winston has one of the most interesting endings in the game

Even without the strongest shield in the game. Winston has a capability called Barrier Projector, which gives him the option to build a shield with 700 HP. The AoE of this capacity is 5 meters and has a cooldown of 13 seconds. The Barrier Projector also has a 13-second cooldown and starts as soon as capacity is used. In other words, people who use their shields on time will have the option of using another for a short time.

Winston’s last, Primal Rage, lets him turn into an “animal” for 10 seconds. At that time he had 850 HP and 150 armor. He also handles 40 losses per swing, has + 30% movement speed and has a cooldown of just 2 seconds in his jump pack. This makes him one of the most dangerous tanks in the game.

While using its Ultimate, Winston Barrier is unable to cast the projector.

Winston is easy to learn

Like most tanks, Winston has a huge hitbox, which means many other DPS heroes in the game want to “hunt” him. On top of that, he can smash through other tanks in the game.

In order not to get himself into trouble, Winston has to play smart and use his mobility to his advantage. He’s great at killing squishy enemies because he can easily jump on them. You should use this to your advantage and always try to kill at least two heroes.

Unfortunately, Winston’s move makes some people think that it is impossible to kill him, which is not the case. Pushing the hero to his limits is easier said than done and you have to practice a lot before you get used to it. Don’t forget that Winston is the main tank of his team, which means you have to be careful.

Winston’s other thing is to create space. He is easily the best when it comes to attracting opponents because once he jumps into battle everyone starts to focus on him. It has some disadvantages, but it can be amazing for his team as they have more space to work.

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