Ambi Demar is the first of the Zenless Zone Zero characters

HoYoVerse Introduced one of the characters in his new upcoming game Zenless Zone Zero. Her name is Amby Demara. He is part of an odd-job agency known as Clever Horse. Zenless Zone Zero’s Anby is a mysterious girl whose past is unknown. She is seen in the announcement trailer using an electromagnetic blade.

Nicole accidentally took Abby in-game, though the story behind it was yet to be shared. Anby appears to be somewhat dense, because although she loves movies, HoYoVerse said she takes them a little too literally. The developer described Amby as someone who lacks common sense.

A young girl whose age and past are a mystery.

Accidentally taken in by Nicole and joined by the Cunning Horse, she slowly becomes a strong, and most trusted companion.

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— Zenless Zone Zero (@ZZZ_EN) 15 May 2022

Atsumi Tanezaki voiced Ambi. She is the voice behind Anya Forger from Spy X Family. Other recent notable roles include Sajuna Inui from My Dress-Up Darling, Vivi from Vivi: Fluorite Eyes Song, and Dai Dai from the new anime adaptation of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai which debuted in 2020.

HoYoVerse is still taking sign-ups for the closed beta test of the Zenless Zone Zero. For now the closed beta is only available for PC and iOS, but HoYoVerse plans to expand the game’s available platforms.

Zenless Zone Zero is still in development. It will release on PC and mobile devices sometime in the future.

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