Apex Legends Season 14. Best Controller Settings for

Apex Legends Season 14 is well underway, and if you want to gain an advantage over your opponents or keep up with players who use the mouse and keyboard, this controller layout will give you the chance to gain a foothold on the enemy. can give.

Apex Legends Season 14 brings a variety of changes and new content to Battle Royale. With some changes to the ranked leagues taking place, and the new Recon Legends feature keeping things interesting in the Legends meta, it’s more important than ever to have the best possible controller layout on the game.

While mastering your legend, completing your target, and learning locations are all extremely important in your quest for victory, movement is king in Apex Legends. It can be the difference between winning a gun battle or going back to the lobby disappointed.

Whether you’re using a controller or keyboard, making sure you have the right button layout is extremely important if you hope to become a movement master.

For those using customized controllers such as scuffButton layout may not be as much of a problem, as these controllers have more freedom than regular stock controllers.

Apex Legends Best Controller Settings


Apex Legends Best Controller Layout
  • button layout: advanced
  • stick layout: omission
  • Interact/ReloadButton: Tap to use and reload
  • crouch button: toggle
  • target button: grasp
  • Survival Slot Button: Feather
  • Trigger Button Deadzone: none
  • Menu cursor speed: about half or more

For those using standard controllers to play, the best layout to master speed is advanced Installation. This layout turns your crouch on the right stick and your jump on the left bumper.

Keeping your crouch on the right stick so you can crouch spam is a very important step when it comes to winning a fight in Apex Legends. While it will take some time to get used to it, as it is quite difficult to keep your target while crouch spamming, once you get comfortable with it you will see an immediate improvement in your maneuverability.

Evolved will also turn your jump button into a left bumper, which will take some getting used to, however, the freedom to jump, climb and stay mobile while keeping your thumb on the right stick is key to improving your game in Apex Legends . ,

movement / target

Apex Legends Ad
  • look sensitivity: 5
  • Look Sensitivity (ADS): 4
  • Per Optic Settings: Feather
  • Reaction Curve: Classic
  • Deadzone Watch: none / small
  • Movement Deadzone: small
  • reverse look: off
  • Vibration: Feather
  • Advanced Look Controls: off

As far as the Movement/Target section in the setting is concerned, we have found that classic response curve is the best around and feels most comfortable in the game. you also need to be look deadzone at least either none or small Depending on your stick drift.

we have chosen vibration onBut it can be easy for many players to turn it off if they feel it is affecting their ability to control recoil. advanced look control Gives the player more advanced customization options that would require a player to spend a lot of time to complete, which can be beneficial. However, we do find enough default options to make the most of your target and speed.

Of course, these settings are a great template for players, but you’ll most likely want to play around with Look sensitivity and ADS sensitivity until you find what works for you.


Apex Legends Bloodhound
  • button indication: Feather
  • Crosshair damage response: off
  • Weapon auto-cycles when empty: Feather
  • Auto-sprint: off
  • Double-tap Sprint: off
  • Jetpack Controls: grasp

Apex Legends has a lot of gameplay settings, but these are most relevant for optimizing performance on the controller. First, we think it’s beneficial to button signal to turn onBecause new players want to be reminded of how to do certain tasks.

Having said that, more experienced players will want to switch this setting and crosshair damage response HUD off to reduce clutter. For Weapon auto-cycle on empty, we think having this setting turned on means players don’t have to worry about swapping weapons when they run out of battle between ammo. It will automatically switch your weapon so you can focus on hitting.

some players like auto sprint, especially if their analog sticks are stiff. However, we think this setting is better off, as it’s all too easy to go slowly and play more discreetly.

For those Valkyrie men, your jetpack controls on hold Makes it a lot easier to get up to speed with your jetpack than to Toggle.

Does the FOV affect the controller purpose?

Apex Legends FOV

The field of view or FOV can of course affect the player’s aim at the controller. It is beneficial to have this setting higher than the default value of 70, as it can increase the amount you see around you. However having too much of it can negatively affect the player’s aim, as it reduces the size of distant objects and enemies.

That being said, there is certainly a sweet spot for controller players, but ultimately this setting is a priority and players will need to figure out what works best for them.

If you want to know what is the best location for a FOV in Apex Legends, check out our guide on the best FOV for Apex Legends.

For those who enjoy Apex Legends on PC, check out our piece on the best settings for Battle Royale on PC.

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