Best LMG Warzone Pacific: Best LMG in Season 3

Looking for the best LMG in Warzone Pacific? The Warzone LMG is often overlooked when it comes to the best Warzone Pacific loadouts. It’s not even hard to see why. In general, they take the same amount of time to shoot down enemies as one of the best assault rifles in Warzone, and they also have the same rate of fire and effectiveness. However, unlike most popular weapons in the game, LMGs are very heavy and some of the worst targets in the game come with down speed, maneuverability and ‘gun ready’ timing.

Those stats can make it very difficult to clean buildings, re-arm and change weapons, and we’ve died countless times because we were stuck in the ‘gun ready’ animation. Thankfully, some of these issues can be fixed with the right attachments. Best Warzone LMG Amazingly competitive in the right scenario.

Since the time of killing speed changes in the last Warzone update, LMGs have fallen out of favor compared to other guns. These weapons can still be viable in the right loadout, so you should definitely give one of these monstrous weapons a try.

Here are the best Warzone Pacific LMGs:

  • brain
  • pkm
  • Bruen MK9
  • MG42
  • DP27
  • RPD
  • stoner 63
  • fin lmg
  • M91
  • MG 82
  • holger-26
  • type 11
  • SA87
  • resin mg
  • M60
  • MG34
  • whitley


Unique among LMGs, the best brain loadout has been dominating the meta over the past season. Despite going through a period of great panic, the data of WZRanked Shows that its win rate is on par with some of the best weapons in the game. That being said, Brain’s pick rate and kill-death ratio shows that it’s not going to be very popular among the Warzone Pacific player base in Season 3.

A good brain loadout maximizes the gun’s damage range, with a boost given to a range of accuracy-related stats so you can laser beam those headshots from far enough away. A popular loadout also adds a 100-round magazine to the mix, so you can go a long time between reloads and even combat multiple enemies at once if needed.


Towards the end of Season 2, PKM had started to gain some traction as Bren went for the LMG pick due to the nerfs.

Our PKM loadout focuses on making the most of the weapon’s impressive damage and recoil control, so when you’re at perfect range, your shots always make their mark. Keep in mind that maneuverability is going to decrease – as are most LMGs – and there’s not much you can do about it.

Bruen MK9

Don’t call it a comeback, but in Season 3, Brun may be establishing himself as a strong LMG substitute.

The best Bruen loadout increases the weapon’s damage range while maintaining its accuracy at range. The Bruen’s damage, bullet velocity, and overall time to kill speed are already competitive, but our loadout sacrifices some maneuverability to get the best out of this weapon.

Side shot of MG42, one of the best Warzone Pacific LMGs


The stock version of the MG42 has an extremely fast rate of fire, so our best MG42 loadouts are purely focused on the accuracy and control to wield this powerful weapon.

If you are looking for an LMG that performs exceptionally well in the mid range, then look no further than the MG42. The only thing you need to keep in mind – more so than with the Bruen above – is that your maneuverability is going to be very low when holding the MG42.


Competing very closely with the MG42, this LMG has a respectable time hitting speed, especially if you’re not great at landing headshots. The best DP27 loadout plays to the gun’s strengths, while also attempting to fix its horizontal recoil issues. Reload time is especially noticeable on this gun, so make sure you check that out before you engage in a fight.


There is a misconception that all LMGs are heavy, slow and cumbersome, but the RPD is a great example of a versatile LMG. When customized using the right set of attachments, the best RPD loadout seems like the Krig 6.

The best RPD loadout will then focus primarily on the RPD’s recoil control, as well as bullet velocity and damage at range. Its TTK is competitive with Meta-Defining Brain, and also with Season 3’s Brain Nerf.

Side shot of Stoner 63, one of the best Warzone Pacific LMGs

stoner 63

The Stoner 63 is proving popular on Rebirth Island this season, but overall is bogged down in a glut of mid-range LMGs that are neither the best nor the worst examples of this weapons class.

The best Stoner 63 loadout armatures with a great magazine, making it formidable in mid-range engagements. The Stoner in particular has a kick, so we’ve chosen several attachments to boost its recoil control. Also, this weapon has a great barrel pickup that increases bullet velocity and recoil at the same time.

fin lmg

Another popular LMG for Rebirth Island matches – since that map is much smaller, the weaknesses of this weapon class aren’t as problematic, so you’re likely to find yourself overuse of these mid-level LMGs. Exclusively for FINN, there is a loadout called ‘chainsaw’ build which has been proven in the past very amusing,

Our take on the best FINN LMG loadouts turns it into a decent-range weapon, increasing the effective damage range while still managing the gun’s poor maneuverability. The FINN also has a fairly high rate of fire, paired with slow reload speeds, so we’ve got some attachments to mitigate these issues as well.


M91 has never been particularly popular and it really isn’t even turning into a brain utopia after Season 3. A good M91 loadout should take advantage of the fact that this LMG is relatively easy to control, with strong recoil stats that can be used to maximum advantage. You’ll also want to focus on accuracy and range, leaving the damage stats largely unchanged.

A side shot of MG 82, one of the best Warzone LMGs

MG 82

This LMG is proving to be an up-and-comer as Season 3 unfolds, although you may need to unlock it first depending on Warzone’s role in the Cold War era. In terms of base stats, it’s got impressive accuracy across all distances, giving you general loadout flexibility.

The best MG 82 loadout takes advantage of its inherently high accuracy by increasing the bullet velocity of the gun. Compared to every other LMG on this list, the MG82 features the least amount of recoil if you use the right set of attachments.


We once had it as the worst LMG in the game, but not anymore. While it hasn’t really been able to compete with the best in this class, it is holding its center ground among the more obvious mid-tier options in this class.

The best Holger-26 loadouts can be had one of two ways – turn it into a sturdy mid-range gun like every other LMG loadout, or turn it into a poor man’s G36C. Exactly why you would want to do this rather than just choosing one of the best assault rifles is up to you and your discretion, but at least it’s something different to try.

type 11

Possibly the ultimate decisive mid-level LMG, the Type 11 excels when fired from afar, but lacks the rate of fire to take care of enemies. It’s a shame this gun struggles against the rest of the list because it actually has one of the highest accuracy stats in the game at the moment.

A decent Type 11 loadout makes the most of this, boosting forward accuracy and enhanced controls for laser-beams such as rate of fire. You need to sacrifice maneuverability as usual, but you can also take a little bit of damage to make sure this gun’s accuracy is being fully utilized.

A side shot of the SA87, Warzone Pacific's LMGs .  one of


While we’re putting the SA 87 down in the lower tier of LMGs, that doesn’t mean it has anything to offer anyone trying something different. One feature of this cannon is that, similar to the Holger-26, it does not share many of the characteristics of the LMG as the rest of the class. It’s certainly slow to aim at sights, but it also has surprisingly decent damage range and low recoil.

The best SA87 loadouts take this into account when trying to get the most out of this LMG, and our loadouts will give you the best maximum damage range stats in the game, as well as good maneuverability. Another option is to consider dropping the barrel attachment to make better use of the limited five slots.

resin mg

There’s a lot about RAAL to look forward to, provided you can handle uninterrupted base maneuverability and target sightseeing stats. There are already a lot of videos in the current season showing the potential of this LMG in the right hands.

To get the most out of this weapon, check out the best RAAL MG loadouts that focus on maximum range and accuracy. Weapon damage is already in a good place, but you can always increase it further, as well as increase recoil control.


Season 3 doesn’t have much to say about the M60 at this stage – like the RAAL, this LMG has a painfully slow sightseeing time, which is a shame because it’s also a pretty stiff gun . M60 can be deadly if you’re already in position and waiting for your opponent, but only if you play incredibly defensively which is how Warzone works.

The best M60 loadouts – other than using another weapon entirely – follow the normal course for LMGs. Keep those accuracy, damage, and range stats as high as you can, sacrificing some maneuverability when needed, and keep an eye on recoil control, too.

Side shot of MG 34, one of the best Warzone Pacific LMG


Oh how the mighty fell – we once hailed the MG34 as the second best LMG in the game. A year ago, you might have found plenty of support for this weapon, but since that time it hasn’t been competitive against the Bren and other new guns that have been added since.

The best MG34 loadout strikes a tricky balance, bringing out the natural strength of this class of weapon, while also trying to manage the MG34’s very distinctive shortcomings, which are its fast fire rate, but one in nine seconds. There is a painfully slow reload speed. It’s already got decent accuracy, damage and range stats, but with five slots you need to make every attachment and gain count.


Guns like Whitley enter the realm of ‘I want a challenge’. A skilled player can certainly make any gun work for them, and you must have seen a lot of videos during Season 2 claiming this gun to be ‘tremendous’. It certainly has one of the best per-shot damage stats in the game, but it hasn’t proven enough for meta-breaking so far.

Still, the best Whitley loadout makes the best use of all ten attachment slots, focusing on increasing recoil control without sacrificing too much damage. You get to move the normal hit up to the dynamism, but not as much as with some of the other loadouts on this list.

And here’s what you need to know about the best LMGs in Warzone Pacific. If you want the best of the best, check out The Best Warzone Guns Of All Time for a meta-defining list. Otherwise, check out other battle royale games you might want to try if you’ve been waiting for the Warzone 2 release date announcement.

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