Bethesda changes Gamescom plans, Starfield gameplay hopes dashed

Starfield gameplay, as originally shown at Summer Games Fest, has been disassembled and analyzed from almost every possible angle, with fans eagerly awaiting a new Starfield gameplay trailer to provide more details on the space RPG . Originally, Gamescom 2022 looked like it would provide some badly-wanted additional details along with information about the vampire FPS Redfall, but much to the dismay of fans, developer Bethesda has changed plans.

In a news post on the Bethesda developer blog, the Fallout and Elder Scrolls creator originally invited Gamescom attendees to “view Redfall and Starfield gameplay and get their hands on Fallout 76”. Naturally, this suggested that fresh footage from the galactic RPG, which now includes survival mechanics, and a neat reference to the world of Fallout, will be on display at the Gaming Expo in Germany starting August 23.

Although, Post It has since been updated: “Come watch a replay of Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase gameplay presentations for Redfall and Starfield,” it now reads, “and get your hands on Fallout 76 while you’re there”. Then Gamescom will have Starfield gameplay, but the same 15-minute trailer we saw earlier in the year. Fans have expressed their displeasure.

“Bethesda is disappointing out there,” writes one. “You just have to feed us a few more pieces until the release date.” “I’m really disappointed that they don’t use Gamescom to showcase new gameplay,” the other says, “It’s meant to be such a great game, but you can’t show more than 15 minutes of unimportant gameplay at this point”.

As well as the previous gameplay trailer, Starfield will be present at Gamescom as a life-sized version of Vasco, a robot that serves as the player’s companion (Fallout’s Dogmeat equivalent), with whom fans can take a selfie. . Show me the floor As far as the new footage goes, QuakeCon starts on August 18th, and although Starfield isn’t included in the game’s official schedule, there’s an outright possibility that it could make a surprise appearance.

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