Blade Runner tabletop RPG breaks its Kickstarter funding goal in 3 minutes


Published on May 3, 2022, Ziqing Wan

We’ve seen no shortage of Kickstarter success stories over the years, but it’s always amazing to hear about games that have been able to meet their funding goals in a short amount of time, and this Blade Runner tabletop RPG is no different. is not an exception.

Project went live today, and in just under three minutes, it met its funding goal of $13,980. Not only that, it even broke that target completely and at the time of writing is sitting on a promise worth $1,137,465. It’s lived up to its stretch goals since then, and will now come with a full-color map, custom dice, new character motifs, and more.

Blade Runner RPG is set in a futuristic noir version of Los Angeles, where players will come together to solve various cases and crimes. The packaging itself looks incredibly well put-together and fits in with the eerie cyberpunk vibes of Blade Runner IP, and backers offer an early access version of the game shortly after the campaign ends, along with downloadable PDF files and the main rulebook. will be able to check. get started.

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