Blue, pink and purple PS5 console covers will arrive in June

More PS5 console cover options are finally on the way. In December 2021, Sony announced that Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Midnight Black, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue are on the way. The black and red colors appeared in January 2022. Now, blue, pink and purple colors will appear in June 2022. Each will cost $54.99. The price is the same for both the standard and digital versions of the console. Pre-orders are open,

There is no specific release date for a general retail release. However, Sony noted the early access launch date for its storefront. He said people can order these from PlayStation Direct starting June 17, 2022. People from seven countries will then be able to get them.

Here’s a list of the places people will find three new PS5 console covers on that day.

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of america

While the black and red variants are out now, they are not always available immediately. For example, the Midnight Black standard console cover is out of stock on PlayStation Direct on May 17, 2022. However, a digital version of that cover and both the Cosmic Red standard and digital edition covers are available.

The Galactic Purple, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue PS5 covers will be available in June 2022.

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