Darkstalkers Getting Bishojo Lilith Figure by Kotobukiya


Published on May 1, 2022 Giuseppe Nelva

While the Darkstalkers series isn’t receiving much support from Capcom other than a re-release, the figure creators haven’t forgotten about the nostalgic fighting series.

Kotobukiya has created a new figure related to its popular bishoj line, depicting Lilith. you can find itn amami For 12,900 yen, that translates to about $99.

The release window is not too far away, coming in November 2022.

The prototype is sculpted by Tsubame, inspired by an illustration by Shunya Yamashita as you would expect from the Bishojo line. The scale is 1/7, resulting in a height of 225 mm.

Below you can see a gallery and an official description.

Based on a new drawing of a menacing Lilith and the Void Yamashita, born from the spirit of Morrigan!

The statue shows Lilith’s slender, youthful body line, and adorable, innocent expression, but also gives glimpses of her brutality and seductiveness. Could they be signs of her being a former succubus!? Her underarms and ribs that are exposed by twisting her upper body and the mesmerizing, delicate movements of her shoulder blades are sculpted by TSUBAME.

The sinister wings are sculpted to give a distinct impression when viewed from the front or rear, and follow the same specifications as the Morrigan! Along with Lilith’s secret cruelty, this personifies her descent into that spirit’s second self.

The base resembles a stage from the video game and its color matches the color of Morrigan. Display these two characters together that are bound by an inseparable relationship.

If you’re interested in the Darkstalkers franchise, it will soon be released in the Capcom Fighting Collection for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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