Does Piccolo get a facelift in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Answer


Published August 19, 2022 Bobby Houston

Piccolo has always had a place in the hearts of Dragon Ball fans and is often considered one of the most popular characters. However, as the story progressed, the dangers facing Earth left Piccolo in the dust and somewhat forgotten. The most recent film changes by placing the spotlight on Piccolo, but does he get a long-deserved power boost to stand up to the likes of Goku and Vegeta? Here’s Everything We Know About Does Piccolo get a facelift in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Piccolo’s new look in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Piccolo fans will be glad to know that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . I get not one but two new forms, Piccolo spends the first act of the film trying to get Goku and Vegeta – who are training with Broly on the planet Beerus – back to Earth to counter the growing threat of the Red Ribbon Army.

With no way to reach the Do Saiyans, Piccolo decides to take matters into his own hands and look for ways to increase his power after being defeated by the android, Gamma 2. Piccolo attempts to unlock his potential in a similar way to Dende. Grand Elder Guru did the namesake for Gohan and Krillin in the Frieza Saga. While Dende is unable to do so, he is able to upgrade the Dragon Balls to take out Piccolo’s ability with a wish.

Fortunately, Bulma has Capsule Corp employees who are constantly rounding up the Dragon Balls to prevent them from falling into the hands of the wicked. Shenron is able to unlock Piccolo’s ability, giving him a much-needed power boost along with some extras.

Piccolo ends up in a rematch with Gamma 2 and grants him an increase in strength while unlocking his ability. It’s still not enough to match Gamma 2. When it looks like Piccolo is about to be defeated, his additional transformation is activated – the Orange Piccolo.

What is Orange Piccolo?

Image Source: Toei Animations

As the name suggests, this transformation changes Piccolo’s skin from green to orange, while increasing his height and adding considerable muscle mass. With the massive increase in power provided by the transformation, Piccolo is able to quickly turn the tables on the Gamma 2.

Piccolo’s new transformation is rooted in Nemecian lore and mythology. When he was first transformed, the glowing sigil visible behind his soldier is a symbol of fame and the Ajisa tree growing on the name.

While it’s not officially stated, the power of Piccolo’s new form could arguably allow him to stand out with the likes of Goku and Vegeta. This can be seen from how easily he defeats Gamma 2 and is one of the only Z warriors capable of fighting a battle against the film’s final villain, Cell Max. Piccolo also opts to use his giant form that hasn’t been seen since his first fight with Goku to deal with furious androids.

Here’s what we know about whether Piccolo gets a facelift in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Be sure to check out Twinfinity for more guides to Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes.

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