Fallout 4 Mod Completely Changes Bethesda’s Apocalypse RPG

A new Fallout 4 mod completely changes the mechanics and world of Bethesda’s 2015 Apocalypse RPG, adding rebalancing, system changes, and altered features to squeeze even more out of the sandbox game, and the wait on the Starfield release date Gives us all something to play with while doing. ,

Aptly titled Fallout More, the mod aims to “enhance the game’s core mechanics, as well as provide a number of quality life changes without anything intrusive”. Fallout 4’s original game remains almost completely intact, but everything from the loot to the economy and NPC dialogue, has been subtly tweaked to make the open world survival experience more realistic and optimized.

Difficulty is one of Fallout More’s biggest focus areas, which aim to remove a lot of spongy enemies and increase the challenge for players, without becoming too difficult or obstructive. The player deals more damage, but so does enemies, with legendary versions spawning less frequently but packing more punch. Perks related to damage also have a greater effect, and enemies will react differently to bullets and wounds in different parts of the body. “Enemies will no longer approach you blindly as if they want to die,” says RelaxitsOK, the creator of the mod. “They will now move between cover in an attempt to close the distance and potentially flank. They are also more confident when in a group. Each NPC type has been carefully changed to enhance their personality in combat This is something that I am very passionate about and I really like the results.”

Fallout 4’s stealth system has also been dramatically improved, with enemies now searching harder and longer to try and find you, but without the frustrating Hivemind telepathy they are in the base game, making an enemy alert , triggers the entire region. The game’s economy has been largely reworked, with the rise and fall of commodity prices based on supply and demand.

The “poor” vendors you find in the Wasteland no longer carry huge amounts of valuable loot, but they can “level up” as the game progresses. Vendors in general also now carry more varied loot, but less of it, which means you may have to travel and shop around to get what you need.

On that note, if you’re out of scavenging, rare loot is now more likely to appear in areas that are heavily defended, and all discoverable items have been rebalanced and made to appear in the appropriate locations. – Army is more likely to have ammo in the base, and you won’t randomly pick up a Vault-Tec lunchbox from a crater in the Glowing Sea.

Rare loot is less frequent, and you’re more likely to find valuable items by searching and digging around. Those tucked-away safes and lockboxes that end up containing nothing but a few pre-war dollars and some dirty water should now yield more prized items. “It’s hard for me to put into words how much effort I’ve put into improving the economy,” says RelaxitsOK. “I wanted to have an extremely balanced, but rewarding gameplay experience that bordered somewhere between realistic and fun.”

Fallout More also brings a number of changes to the overall Fallout 4 world, including improved ragdoll physics, no more motion blur (“it’s awful”, says RelaxItOK), and the time between choosing a dialogue option and the NPC responding. Reduce, put an end to those awkward silences. There’s a lot more in this mod that you can do Download now from Nexus ModsBut in short, it’s a total overhaul of Fallout 4 that still manages to retain the original, definitive RPG.

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