Fortnite Lord of the Rings Easter Egg Tease Tolkien Crossover Coming Soon

As part of the crossover, Dragon Ball vending machines are scattered around the Fortnite map, featuring familiar items from the popular anime. Where to find dragon ball vending machine in fortnite.

After what feels like months of hype and speculation, the Dragon Ball crossover has finally arrived in Fortnite, bringing a slew of new content inspired by the popular anime.

On top of the Goku and Vegeta skins, players can also visit familiar locations like the Kami House and watch full episodes of Dragon Ball Super in-game. There are also tons of themed quests to unlock a special Shenron glider.

Many of these challenges require you to use Nimbus Cloud or Kamehameha, and the Dragon Ball vending machine is an easy way to grab these items. So, here’s where to find the Dragon Ball vending machines in Fortnite.

What are Dragon Ball Vending Machines in Fortnite?

Dragon Ball Vending Machines Are Just Like Normal Vending Machines fortnite matches, only they exclusively stock Dragon Ball items instead of the usual array of weapons and health items.

There are currently only two items available from Dragon Ball Vending Machines; Three-Stack of Nimbus Cloud or Kamehameha Weapon. can be bought for both 250 Gold Bars,

You can get both items for free from Capsule Corp capsules that move around the map, however, these often attract a lot of players and can be dangerous to go after.

Dragon Ball Vending Machines offer a more risk-free way to obtain these coveted anime items if you can afford to splash some Gold Bars.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Vending Machine Locations

In total, there are just three Dragon Ball vending machines on the entire Fortnite island, as depicted in the map above.

We’ve put together a brief description of where to find each one below:

  1. South of the shifty shaft on the north-east shore of the lake, overlooking the water.
  2. Inside the Rave Cave – Jump off the ramp with the three arrows inside the building and look to your left.
  3. The ground floor of Rocky Reels’ tallest building.

Once you’ve tracked down one, simply interact with it to purchase one of two Dragon Ball items to grab.

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Image credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG

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