From Tabletop to PC and Back – Optimizing Tabletop Games

The first WASD show has come and gone, but we want you to share the industry knowledge that was spread during that event if you were unable to attend. We share all the wonderful talks with Gaming Strat Theater in our . uploading to Youtube channel For those of you who missed out, and the latest is about tabletop game worlds and their various adaptations.

The talk was hosted by Gaming Strat’s sister site vargamer and headed by editor Alex Evans. The panel included Chris Birch, founder and creative officer of Modify, who participated in person, and Demiplane CDO Adam Bradford who joined the chat from US.

The worlds of videogames and tabletop RPGs have always been closely intertwined, with adaptations taking place both ways. Games based on Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, Warhammer and so on are usually popular on PC – likewise, tabletop adaptations of popular gaming franchises such as Fallout, Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls are often just as successful, if done with care. to be done. The panel discusses how tabletop adaptations work – both ways.

Check it out below.

If you’re looking for more funny jokes from the WASD show, we’ve also got a fireside chat with the director of Fights in Tight Spaces and a discussion on sustainability in videogame development.

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