Future Valorant patch will affect Phoenix and Cypher

Some of Valorant’s early agents are getting some much-needed buffs. Riot Games admits to recent Ask Me Anything session reddit That Phoenix and Cypher could do with some love, though nothing special to share right now.

Character creator John Gosky said, “In advance, yes, we are working on Phoenix, but it is too early for us to talk in detail about what that might be involved in.” says a fan. “Right now, we want to take the time to explore everything between a few and number changes, unfortunately, we don’t have a solid ETA on that, and we want to take the time to find the right long-term location for Phoenix. “

Naturally, this has prompted some fans to ask if the team has similar plans for any other popular character. “The cipher is in a similar state,” agent designer Jay Watford Confirmation, “We’re not ready to share details or the date, but he’s definitely on our radar.” Both were among the original cast of Agents, launching in 2020 with a mashup of CS:GO and Overwatch. While characters like Jett have remained firmly in the meta, the introduction of new faces has ousted Phoenix and Cypher.

Valorant’s current meta is going through a decent shakeup. Along with the upcoming Chamber tweak in Valorant’s next patch, the recent Sowa Nerf coincided with Riot to introduce a new agent named Fede to challenge the shooter’s dominance in the meta.

“Inspiration can and has come from everywhere! The Viper concept originated from a wonderful piece of art, from the Reyna orb mechanic we thought might resonate with duel players, and part of Fed’s initial inspiration for Space of Sowa. And from there that came from a desire to have an agent to compete in construction,” Watford telling,

Agent Designer Nicholas Smith connects: “We specifically wanted the Fed not to depend on line-ups because its counterpart (SOWA) is more line-up dependent. This is not to say specifically that more agents tend to gravitate one way or the other. And we want to support all types of play styles and players. Fed and Sowa have their strengths and weaknesses, and we want to continue to expand the roster that way.”

If you’re looking for the full drop on Valorant’s new agent Fed, you can follow that link.

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