Globe game September 13, 2022 Answers and hints today

There’s a new global mystery country of the day available to estimate on September 13, 2022. Here are our general pointers and answers for today’s globe.

Globe is one of several popular geography-based daily games. Some of the player base for Globe has been derived from trending on Twitter, with players tweeting their scores, similar to some other games that have given it a unique spin.

If you haven’t played Globe yet, it’s a simple game. Players must guess the daily mystery country in the least amount of guesses possible.

Like most sports, globe does not have a set number of guesses. The more guesses you submit to guess the mysterious country, the lower your score. When you guess a country by typing it into the input box, it will appear on the globe in four different colors. The more vibrant the colors, the closer you are to the mysterious country of the day. The color cools down as you go away.

This is an important feature of the game as it helps players to make their own guesses based on the color of their previous guesses. Without this feature, it would take a long time to predict the country of the day.

We’re each issuing our own prompts with Global’s answer, and today is no exception. You can find the September 13, 2022 Globe country solution and pointers below.

global world game mystery country hints

Although unlimited guesses are great, it can be difficult to guess the mystery country at times. As a result, we offer our own pointers, which you can find below for the mystery country of September 13:

  • Hint 1: One word
  • Hint 2: An I. starts from
  • Hint 3: Countries in the Middle East
  • Hint 4: ends with a question
  • Hint 5: The capital is Baghdadi
  • Hint 6: Four letters
  • Hint 7: The population is just over 40 million.
  • Hint 8: Near Syria

globe September 13, 2022 country’s north today

If you’re still struggling or just want to know Iraq is the answer to the globe, which released on September 13.

Let us know how hard it took you to guess today’s globe below!

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