Gotham Knight release date tightens as game goes gold

The Gotham Knights release date appears to be secure with a delay, as WB Montreal announced that the upcoming multiplayer game has officially turned gold. This means that the team printed the master copy from which all other copies of Gotham Knights would be made, and in almost every case, going gold a game means it will not be delayed. That in itself is quite an achievement, in 2022, a year of delay. Hogwarts Legacy, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and the undeclared Assassin’s Creed Rift have all been delayed within a month or two, as developers adjust to the challenges of work from home and other pandemic-related disruptions.

It’s not too surprising, though, that we won’t see a delay for Gotham Knights. WB Montreal has been slowly showing more and more of the game over the past several weeks, with new character trailers and sharing details about the leveling system and how the skills work.

Oh, and Batman is dead. she is also. Sorry Pennyworth, this is the story of this superhero.

Gotham Knights is nothing if not ambitious. Not only is it clashing classic characters with abandon, but the dev team is looking for ways to keep Gotham City feeling fresh while paying homage to its mythical past.

“We built a huge Gotham City,” level designer Christopher McMahon said earlier. “But what’s unique to Gotham Knights is the density. The kin were there. They built grand structures within their districts. And then, we built around that. There’s a lot of areas that have stuck with time.” ”

You can watch WB Montreal’s announcement here Twitter,

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