GTA Online Weekly Updates New car to Ruiner ZZ-8 . adds up

GTA Online’s weekly update for August 18th is live, and it adds new car imponet Ruiner ZZ-8 to Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer mode. The update also includes two new Smugglers Freemode events, a massive boost to Clubhouse Contracts, and multiple race types in the open-world game, including those on the island of Cayo Perico. We’ve already got all the details from Rockstar’s official patch notes, which are expected to arrive a little later.

The highlight for the week of August 18th is the new automobile addition, the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8. Grand Theft Auto’s spin on the iconic American muscle car Pontiac Firebird—specifically the 30th anniversary Trans Am released in 1999—the Ruiner is a very sleek 2-door muscle car that could cost you a cool $1,320,000 to add to GTA money. will set back. collection.

The Ruiner ZZ-8 can be found at the luxury showcase shop along with the sports car Ocelot Pariah. Meanwhile, Simeon’s showroom has Vapid Speedo, Veni Dynasty, Valkar Fagloa, Karin Sultan Classic and Impeller luxury muscle cars. If you want to watch Mid-Life Crisis in style, there’s also a lovely new pair of Wild Stripe pool sliders unlocked.

If you’d rather earn yourself a new set of wheels, the GTA Online awards ride for the week is the Vapid Retinue, a vintage 2-door coupe that took two days to finish in the top five in a street race. You can run. If you want luck on your side, the DuBouchy Rapid GT Classic sits as the GTA Online podium car, and if you manage to get lucky at the prize wheel at Diamond Casino it could be yours.

Two new Freemode random events are now available – the Smugglers Plane event, with a 35-minute cooldown, and the Smuggler Trial event, with a 20-minute cooldown. In addition, players can earn triple the normal in-game cash and prestige point rewards for fulfilling clubhouse contracts, or double the cash and prestige for Cayo Perico races as well as land and air races.

There is also the usual range of discounts on offer, which can be seen below:

Up To 40% Off On MC Clubhouse

Up To 50% Off On Biker Jackets

50% Off – Pariah ($710,000) – Bhanwar ($178,000)

40% OFF – Sultan Classic ($1,030,800 – $773,100) – Glendale ($120,000 – $90,000) – Impeller ($199,101 – $149,700) – Faction Custom ($201,000) – Marshall ($300,000)#gtaonline

— Tez2 (@TezFunz2) 18 August 2022

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