Half-Life Mode challenges you to play Half-Life 2 backwards

A new Half-Life mode challenges you to beat Half-Life 2 with all the levels, assets, and characters, as Valve’s iconic, Steam FPS gets a weird new job that makes it almost completely different. makes you feel Game – A warped type of Half-Life 3 that came from a parallel dimension.

Half-Life 2: The reflected sound is relatively subtle. It doesn’t change any assets, add any new content, or mess with Half-Life 2’s story in any way. It simply flips the levels horizontally, as if a mirror of the same name was mounted just below their center. For example, instead of exiting the train from the left side of the platform at the beginning of the game, you exit from the right. When you first step into City 17, instead of turning right, you go left. It sounds simple, but after 18 years of playing and replaying Half-Life 2, the effect is, frankly, nauseating.

The belly-churning sequence in particular is where you first enter Kleiner’s lab. Picture this in your mind. You go inside. Kleiner on the right is trying to move the heady down the vent shaft—directly in front of you is the locker with the HEV suit. You have been here a hundred times. Only now, Kleiner is on the left, and you’re entering from the other side of the room, which means the television monitor and computer bank are on your right. Radiation Hazard, a prominent Half-Life YouTuber and content creator, shares some footage of the weird, just-feel-so-wrong mod below:

Developed by modder NvC_DmN_CH, Half-Life 2: Mirror is available to download from now mod db, This comes as we learn more about Half-Life 3 courtesy of some leaked, legacy artwork, as well as fresh details on a potential Half-Life RTS that have been sourced from DOTA 2‘s Datamine.

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