Halo Infinite Roadmap is its final “nail in the coffin” Cr1tikal

Recently Halo Infinite Roadmap and series developer 343 Industries has been criticized by streamer and YouTuber Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White for the disclosure of the roadmap and lack of support for FPS games.

White’s comments on the current state of Halo Infinity come on the back of a recent Developer Update video and article where 343 Industries canceled Halo Infinity Local Cooperative and delayed the launch of Season 3.

So far, Halo Infinity has stunned its content with Season 3, running from November 8 to March 7, which will include the Forge beta, online campaign co-op, and two new maps.

“It was really the nail in the coffin, they absolutely need to bang that roadmap,” White says. “They needed to show that they were really working for the sport for the last eight months and they didn’t.”

“The only thing that has the remotest possibility of bringing Halo any sort of relevance again is their Forge Mode, because their Forge Mode is outrageous. That’s the game’s only hope.”

The upcoming Halo Infinite Forge mod has actually leaked ahead of its full disclosure, and White is referring to how many incredible creations have been shown to the community, like the Forge Mario Kart map.

White also makes it clear in his video that he’s not talking about indie developers when it comes to who is the worst game developer in his opinion, but just triple-A studios. He also says that he is examining it through the lens of the game, not the culture of the studio. White is also already familiar with Halo, as earlier this year he placed a $20,000 USD bounty for anyone completing the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Lasso Bounty, which was dubbed a nearly impossible challenge. .

If you like some Halo news, Halo: Master Chief Collection mod is looking to turn the original trilogy into a cohesive game, while also showing a recent 1999 RTS Halo game.

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