Here’s How Much An Aspen License Will Cost on Pokémon Unite

Now that Aspen is available in Pokémon Unite, we know how much its license will cost. There are actually two avenues for getting the character in-game at launch. One involves attempting to achieve this with 2,000 mission points. for free, The second is to spend 575 Aeos Gems to buy it.

People have until June 13, 2022 to earn aspen for free in Pokemon Unite. There are both daily and weekly missions rewarding Mission Points. Every day, you can get 60 points for logging in, 80 points for participating in three battles, and 80 points for winning one battle. Each week, you can get 100 points for logging 15 assists in seven days, 150 for logging in three out of seven days, 200 for logging in five out of seven days, and 250 for 15 in seven days. To be in battles.

As a reminder, you have to pay to get Aeos Gems. Aspen will cost 575 Aos Gems in Pokemon Unite. This means you have to pay $3.99 for 245 gem packs and $7.99 for 490 gem packs to get one. However, if you haven’t purchased Aeos Gems before, you get 980 for your first $7.99 purchase.

Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and Aspen is now available in-game. The character is a ranged special attacker.

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