How to use Doomsday Station in Warzone and unlock unique cosmetic

Players will have a new Warzone LTM to test out in Season 5 that’s inspired by the classic Search and Destroy multiplayer mode. Here is a guide on how to play Operation Last Call LTM.

Raven Software decided to remove all stops for Warzone Season 5, considering that it would be the final season of the coveted battle royale. With new weapons and classic villains returning to Warzone, players will also have to find some new ways.

One of these new mods is Operation Last Call LTM, and fans of Call of Duty multiplayer will be pleased to know that it’s inspired by the fan-favorite search and destroy mode.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about Warzone’s Last Call LTM, including how to play and what to expect.

Warzone Operations: Last Call LTM Explained

What makes this LTM special is that the players get to decide how to play. With the theme of Season 5 being Heroes vs. Villains, in Last Call LTM players will decide which side they want to support.

You will have a chance to defend or sabotage the caldera. Bomb sites will appear in the caldera and similar to Search and Destroy mode you can either defend and defuse the bombs or try to detonate them.

While there was no specific mention of Warzone Season 5 BlogIt is expected that respawn will be enabled during this LTM.

The transformed peak of Warzone Season 5 will take center stage and that remains true during Operation Last Call. Not only would the lava flow down the mountain, but in Operation Last Call, it would “shoot from the top of the island.”

Operation Last Call mode in the caldera is based on Search and Destroy. You can either defend bomb sites or plant trees at different locations to change the entire map. In this LTM, lava rocks also appear throughout the map.

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Players have to be careful with lava rocks falling from above. Neither the heroes nor the villains are safe from the chaos of the lava rocks. This explosion will serve as a public event within Last Call LTM. A volcano meter showing the current activity of the volcano will appear on your screen.

Players will see two different results of the match depending on which faction wins. Of course, this will be included in the LTM Heroes Vs Villains community event, so don’t forget to choose your side and earn rewards for participating.

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