Kane’s Legacy: Soul Rivers HD Remaster Mode just released

A Legacy of Kane: Soul River HD Remaster Mod, which revamps the classic action-adventure from Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, has been released thanks to an ambitious new fan project.

Originally launched in 1999, and written by future Uncharted creator Amy Hennig, Soul Rivers is the second game in the Legacy of Kain series. It centers on Raziel avenging the vampire as he attempts to destroy and dethrone Cain of the same name.

Personally, Soul Rivers was a mainstay when it came to renting games from my old, local video shop – with its distinctive character and level art, dark, gothic story, and overly challenging difficulty curve, it earned a high struck a perfect balance between fantasy and terrifying. Maturity, the precursor to modern youth-adult games such as Life is Strange and, naturally, the Crystal Dynamic Tomb Raider series.

Timing, however, hasn’t been entirely kind to Soul River’s visuals—it suffers from the same muddy textures and blocky edges that plagued a lot of late ’90s games, especially when a modern, high-end def is played on the monitor. So thank the undead god for this new fan project, which recreates and revamps every texture in Soul Rivers from scratch, making the beloved vampire action-adventure quite easy on the eyes.

It follows the Steam and GOG versions of Soul Rivers were removed from sale, when the legacy of Kane intellectual property was purchased from Square Enix by the Swedish Embraer Group, which also owns Gearbox Software and Metro developer 4A Games. . Fans of the series seem determined to keep it alive, and this mode It proves that with a little refinement and texture work, there’s still a lot left in the Vampire Classic.

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