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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since The Witch Queen appeared at last year’s Destiny Showcase, but when you’re on the grind the timing movies are quick and there are only two weeks until the 2022 show. As we twitch our thumbs in anticipation, we here at Twinfinit are eager to speculate, let’s talk about our Displays 10 Destiny 2 2022 predictions.

1. Lightfall Story Info

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Two separate trailers were released for the Witch Queen DLC during the showcase last year, the first of which will be about the story nature of the upcoming DLC. This gave us a first look at the Witch Queen, Sawathune in all her glory, while also revealing that, somehow, Sawathune was able to steal the Light from the Traveler and merge him with his Hive soldiers to form the Hive Guardian. This will make the final Guardians vs Guardians battle for the first time in franchise history (if you don’t count Gaul, of course).

We ended the Witch Queen DLC after beating Savathun and immediately cutting back to an in-game cutscene. The cutscene finally gives players their first look at the leader of darkness, The Witness, and reveals that he has arrived in our solar system. Whether the Lightfall DLC allows players to square off against the Witness remains to be seen. However, we will probably see another trailer drop that will give us an insight into what Sakshi will do now that she has finally arrived.

2. Lightfall Gameplay

The second of the two aforementioned trailers showcased the Witch Queen gameplay. With that particular trailer, a tremendous amount of new information and gameplay updates emerged. We got our first in-game look at the Witch Queen DLC, which includes the new destination, Sawathoon, Throneworld, as one of many new examples we’ll discuss later. It will also give us the official release date for the Witch Queen DLC, which was February 22, 2022. This is also when we can roughly expect the Lightfall DLC to drop next year.

3. Subclass Updated / New Subclass Appeared?

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One of the most significant updates revealed at last year’s showcase was the announcement of a redesign and upgrade to all of the Light subclasses, which would later be known as Zero, Solar, and Arc 3.0. Since then, two of the three light subsections have achieved their improvements over the past two seasons. Ark 3.0 is the last to receive its revamp, so unless the info/gameplay is unveiled earlier, we’ll see it drop during the 2022 performance.

However, what happens next with all Light subclasses eventually being revamped and upgraded? Speculation leads us to believe that we may be seeing a new dark subclass, as the Stasis subclass was with the Beyond Light Showcase a few years ago. But till the time the official information is not flaunted, it will remain only speculation.

4. Returning Raid for Season 18

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Season 18 is a highly anticipated season for Destiny 2 players as they eagerly await the return of Destiny 1 Raid. However, in a recent TWAB it was revealed that players will have to wait until the 2022 showcase on August 23 to find out which returning raid it will be.

There are three raids from Destiny 1 that could make a great start in Destiny 2: Croatz’s End, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine. Of these three raids, King’s Fall or Chariot of the Machine appears to be the most likely candidate, as Crota’s End was a much smaller raid than the other two. We’ll be sure to tell you which raid it ends when the information drops.

5. Season 18 Info

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Coming to Season 18, during the showcase we will take our first look at the upcoming season. In the middle of Season 17, we wrapped up the story of our main characters, Zavala, Crow and Cattle, conquering their nightmares. All the while Kelas, now the newly appointed disciple of the Witness, ran away from the law. How it will progress into the next season is anyone’s guess right now, but with the return due in the season, it looks like we have an exciting one ahead of us.

6. Season 18 Gameplay

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Along with new information about the upcoming season, we’ll also get our first look at the game, what the latest seasonal event will look like and much more! We can expect to see some new looks at the upcoming seasonal weapons and armor, including some Ark 3.0 and possibly in-game footage of the Return of Raid.

7. Final Shape Info/Fate of Destiny 2

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Last year, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 would be receiving one final DLC drop in The Final Shape, which was scheduled to drop in early 2023. Although it’s unlikely we’ll see information for The Final Shape Drop anytime soon; We may see a drop in information coming after that. Bungie has stated several times that The Final Shape will mark the end of the Light and Darkness saga that the franchise has produced since Destiny 1, and what comes after is only speculation for now. A Destiny 3 may be possible, but until that time comes, we must wait patiently.

8. PvP Changes

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During the 2021 showcase last year, it was revealed that Trials of Osiris PvP game mode would be receiving a revamp to help improve the player experience. It doesn’t look like we’ll see another improvement in Trial, but we could possibly see other PvP modes getting updated or upgraded in some shape or fashion. In particular, competitive Crucible playlists could potentially be reworked, such as 3v3 Showdown.

9. Alien Sneak Peak

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During several of the trailers unveiled during the 2021 showcase, keen players took a look at the new exotics shown. Typically, with each new season comes about 5-6 new exotic weapons and pieces of armor. There is an alien armor for each class: Titan, Warlock, Predator. In addition, one season passes alien weapons and another weapon from a new dungeon or raid that drops during the season. If Bungie feels generous over the course of a season, perhaps they’ll drop a hidden quest line that eventually leads to a mission that will drop another alien weapon. Make sure you keep your eyes open during those trailers!

10. Bungie Store Merchandise

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And, of course, you can’t have a proper display until the particular merchandise is shown at the end. Last year, Bungie revealed new Witch Queen merchandise like T-shirts and other apparel, including collector’s editions of the Witch Queen DLC and more. We’ll likely see the same for the Lightfall DLC.

that’s it for now. The 2022 Destiny 2 showcase kicks off on August 23rd, and we’ll keep you updated on any other information that comes before that. For more Destiny 2-related content, check out our related articles below.

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