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Activision has confirmed that a Warzone sequel is on the way, and here’s everything we know about Warzone 2, including all the leaks, rumors, and release windows.

Call of Duty: Warzone has changed significantly since its release in March 2020, with the game getting every weapon from Black Ops Cold War as well as Vanguard, Verdansk, and the setting is now in the Pacific with Fortune’s Keep Map. happening in the area. season 4.

Now, Activision is looking at taking the battle royale title even further, as they have confirmed that a new Warzone experience, called ‘Warzone 2.0’, will be released after Modern Warfare 2.

Here’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

What is Call of Duty: Warzone 2?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is the sequel to CoD’s hit battle royale, which is set to bring “new technology, new features and new gameplay that work together”.

Warzone 2 will be closely related to Modern Warfare 2, adding “Modern Warfare II content and systems with brand-new progression and inventory”.

leaked warzone 2 release date

Activision has confirmed that Warzone 2 set to release later in 2022And now, a leaked internal document claims the new battle royale will arrive at November 16Three weeks after the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

BREAKING: An internal document image leaked that reveals Warzone 2 launch date is November 16

Image r/classicwow reddit. shared on

— charlieINTEL (@charlieINTEL) 16 August 2022

The November launch makes sense, as it gives devs more time to fix any glaring issues before the holiday season.

While we know it arrives this year, we don’t have an official release date for Warzone 2 yet, but we’ll be sure to update this piece as more information is released.

warzone 2 platform

Warzone 2 will be released Both current and final generation consolesWith all and Steam for PC, Following in the footsteps of Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Activision confirmed the news on June 8 as they seek to provide a wider experience across both titles.

Warzone 2 Gameplay

Captain Price in the Gilly Suit in Modern Warfare 2

Industry insider Tom Henderson claims that Warzone 2 will be a “clean slate” which means “restarting, eliminating everything like weapons, operators, etc.”

He added that “Warzone 2 is basically a new COD title,” and that players “should see it as a sequel.” Activision later confirmed that the Warzone inventory, including current weapons, operatives, perks, and killstreaks, would not transfer to Warzone 2.

loadout changes and defenses

On May 18, players received a lot of new information regarding potential Warzone 2 gameplay. For starters, both leaked Tom Henderson and NerosCinema reported that the Warzone 2 loadout will come with drop changes.

A new mechanic called Strongholds is set to change the way players receive loadouts. According to the leak, players can access any of the 20-30 stronghold areas on the map and complete a set of objectives. Once these objectives are met they will gain access to their loadouts.

Some of the reported objectives include defuse bombs or defeating AI enemies. Strongholds will certainly add a new layer of strategy to Warzone as each stronghold can only be captured once per game.

According to the same report, the looting will also change and will be similar to the system used in Blackout of Black Ops 4. Admittedly, you won’t come with any armor and you’ll need to find a satchel to equip the plates.

Pro perks and list

This isn’t the only feature that can be drawn back from previous COD titles as pro perks can appear as well. These boosted perks first appeared in 2009’s Modern Warfare and they provide additional features that players will benefit from. NerosCinema believes they will make their way into Warzone 2.

It looks like Warzone 2 could also reportedly borrow from competitors by offering a bag system for inventory management similar to Apex Legends or PUBG.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat

In addition, Call of Duty devs have confirmed that the RICOCHET anti-cheat system will be available in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 at launch. This should provide a new opportunity for players looking to play a cheat-free battle royale from the start.

warzone 2 map

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation regarding the map that players will be able to join when Warzone 2 finally launches. However, we got a glimpse during the trailer for Modern Warfare 2, and there have been a few leaks that might shed some light on the potential POI.

Industry insider Tom Henderson has reported that four classic Modern Warfare 2 maps are set to return as POIs for the Warzone 2 map. Once again this information has not been confirmed but Henderson believes that skyscraper, Prey, terminalAnd afghan There are four maps that will be displayed in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2.  mine map

Henderson later revealed what he believed to be all 18 Warzone 2 POIs. He couldn’t go into details about each one, but he did share the names of each:

  • oars
  • wartorn
  • quarry (quarry)
  • oilfield
  • Modern City (High Rise)
  • Caves (Afghan)
  • dam
  • swamp
  • Port
  • tip
  • observatory
  • Mountain town (possibly favela)
  • graveyard
  • old City
  • shipwreck
  • fishtown
  • Castle
  • airport terminal)

Nothing is certain here, and there is every possibility that the names of these POIs may change before release. He also said that only maps over four MW2 may be visible, so some of these POIs may hide another classic map from 2009.

The leak continues TheMW2Ghost He shared a recreation of what he claimed to be a Warzone 2 map.

The map lacks detail at this stage, but it does show what the roads are going through on the map. Also, there is a big river cutting in the middle of the map. Although it’s not official artwork, they claim it is “a remake based on a real map image.”

writing for try hard guideTom Henderson also revealed a drawing of the entire map, with a section of MW2Ghost squared off in the middle.

Warzone 2 Map Drawing

As you can see, the map is set to be on the same coast as Vardansk, and POIs by the water can use the new swimming mechanic that’s expected in Warzone 2.

When speaking of the size of the map, Henderson said, “It seems larger than Verdansk and Caldera, especially considering whether the grid reference is accurate.” Henderson also claimed that Warzone 2 would share the same map with Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ game mode.

On July 2, a major Modern Warfare 2 leak revealed now-deleted images of several multiplayer maps, including Ground War maps. As previously mentioned by Infinity Ward, the Ground War maps will come together to form the new Warzone 2 map.

hydro The first to be leaked was a ground battle map, and the image showed a desert landscape with water flowing through the center. Given that Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Warzone 2 engine will support swimming, don’t be surprised to see multiple POIs featuring water.

The next map that was part of the Ground War leak is fishtown, If we take into account the name of the map, it may turn out to be some kind of port city. The image revealed a beach that fades away just before the coast is visible.

The last ground war map revealed in the leak is called tip, The Sira looks a lot less rural than the previous two maps, with modern-looking convenience taking center stage. Judging by the number of palm trees in the image there is still evidence of a tropical environment.

Will Warzone still exist after Warzone 2 is released?

Ghost Operator in COD Warzone

Activision has confirmed that Warzone will continue to exist after Warzone 2 is released: “Warzone will continue as a separate experience that will include continuation of player progress and inventory within that Warzone experience.”

Having said that, Warzone 2 will be a new game, different from the original, which means the player list will be reset.

For more, check out our excerpt on whether inventory will move from Warzone to Warzone 2.

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Image credit: Activision/Tom Henderson via Try the Hard Guide

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