Nvidia RTX 3000 GPU Improvements RTX 4000. can roll up with

The Nvidia RTX 4000 should officially be a thing by the end of the month, but the RTX 3000 is clearly not ready to be retired. Reports suggest that the revised Ampere GPUs will come with the Green Team’s next best graphics card lineup, which also includes the RTX 3060 with less VRAM.

According to GPU leaker z__wang, the trio of RTX 3000 graphics cards are being re-released alongside the RTX 4000 newcomers. The first GPU mentioned by the insider is an RTX 3060 which cuts the memory of the original model from 12GB to 8GB. The refreshed range also includes souped-up versions of the 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti, both of which boast GDDR6X upgrades.

Original leak lacks ETA, but videocardz says the board’s partners have confirmed they will arrive by the end of October. That means they’ll roll up around the same time as the RTX 4000, as Nvidia prepares to officially unveil the Lovelace lineup at its Project Beyond event and GTC 2022 keynote.

As with all graphics card rumors and speculation, we’d recommend cooking your hopes with a pinch of salt. Nvidia hasn’t announced any plans to release fresh current-gen GPUs just yet, and earlier rumors claim that the company is actively trying to weed out the RTX 3000 stock.

That said, the RTX 3000 news likely adds to Nvidia’s questionable next-gen launch plans, as leaks indicate that only the RTX 4090 will arrive this year. What’s true remains to be seen, but the green team will need to maintain availability if it wants to undercut AMD RDNA 3 rivals and Intel Arc options in the gaming PC ring.

Of course, if the leaked RTX 4090 price tag is anything to go by, Nvidia may need to postpone its RTX 3000 retirement. Without affordable GPUs fighting the green team’s corner, Intel’s RTX 3060 rival could come into swing and snatch budget enthusiasts before the RTX 4060 alternatives hit the scene.

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