One Punch Man Anime Season 3 is confirmed; more information coming soon


Published August 17, 2022 Keenan McCall

It’s a good day to be a One Punch Man fan, as the third season of the anime adaptation has been confirmed to be in production.

in a post made to Anime official websiteAfter , it was revealed that the anime has been confirmed to be in production and that the second season will be animated by a different studio than the one that made it. However, it is not yet revealed which animation studio will handle the production of the third season at this time, and a definite release date was not provided.

However, it was confirmed that more information about the series would be provided via the anime’s official website. Similarly, information will be provided through official social media accounts associated with anime and large series as appropriate.

The reveal also came with a new teaser scene created by Osamu Kubota, who was in charge of character design for the first and second seasons. It has Saitama and Garu standing one after the other, with three ornate ones in the center of the image. It can be seen in all its glory below.

Image credits: Osamu Kubota via One Punch Man official website

First aired in 2015, the One Punch Man anime has had a turbulent history with anime fans. While its first season has been hailed as one of the best shnen anime adaptations, the second season was criticized for its lackluster animation and declining quality compared to the first. Although it remains a mainstay in conversations about the best and most popular anime, and its third season is highly anticipated for this reason.

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