Overwatch 2 Geniuses: All New Hero Abilities

Overwatch 2 geniuses in a wave of new features coming to Blizzard’s team-based FPS game. This new ability system is part of Overwatch 2’s Hero Mission, which sees you team up with your friends to eliminate some Omnix.

These missions are more focused on combat as opposed to story missions which focus on lore. Each hero has a set of new abilities that they can unlock over time if they level up. For example, Tracer unlocks a talent that deals damage to enemies if it blinks through them—though you must reach level ten to unlock that skill. However, it should be noted that overwatch 2 genius Heroes are limited to missions and will not engage in PvP. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explains that the team wants the competitive experience to be a level playing field, rather than a case of “my tracer is better than yours”.

Overwatch 2’s release date is still a long way off — so these geniuses may be changing. There are also some talents we don’t know about yet, though we’ll update this guide when we find more. It’s over now, here’s the Overwatch 2 talent.

Overwatch 2 Geniuses are:


first footing

  • adaptive reload – Pulse pistols reload when you use the ability
  • chain reaction – Pulse bomb blast causes secondary explosion on affected people

level ten

  • Glow – Blinking through enemies damages them
  • vision – Memorizes damage to recently weakened enemies

level 20

  • Cyclone – Enemies are drawn to recall and trap
  • Speed ​​is deadly Killing Blow Speeds Up Cooldown

Overwatch 2 geniuses: Overwatch 2 hero Lucio presents with a new look


first footing

  • healing wave – Lucio’s Soundwave also heals allies to 25% of their maximum health
  • mash up – When using Amp It Up, both possible songs will play

level ten

  • beatmatching – Damage done while using Speed ​​Boost will give additional healing to Healing Boost
  • fortissimo – Each enemy hit by the soundwave adds additional projectiles to the next volley of your sonic amplifier

level 20

  • Accelerando – When you score a critical hit reduce it to 0.5 seconds
  • power skating – Soundwave damage and knockback scale up based on your speed


  • Sojiro’s Guidance – Any arrow that hits an enemy detected by Sonic Arrow finds and pierces all other detected enemies

Overwatch 2 geniuses: Overwatch 2 hero Reinhardt presents with a new look


first footing

  • fire burst – Fire Strike deals damage each time, setting nearby enemies on fire
  • frenzy – Rocket Hammer swings rapidly after consecutive hits

level ten

  • effect changer – Rocket Hammer damage recharges your barrier field
  • amplification zone – Barrier field increases the damage of friendly projectiles passing through it

level 20

  • Baldrich’s Stand – Receive armor and damage when your barrier is broken
  • fault line – Earthshatter does more damage in a narrower cone


  • epicenter – Earthshatter travels in every direction

Overwatch 2 Geniuses: Overwatch 2 hero Mei presents with a new look


first footing

  • cool picture – When the cryo-freeze ends, nearby enemies freeze immediately
  • breakdown – Frozen enemies shatter to death, inflicting damage on enemies around you

level ten

  • Snowball Effect – After using Cryo-Freeze, continue to move after rolling and knocking enemies in your way
  • low temperature – Blizzard instantly kills frozen enemies under 200 health

level 20

  • frostbite – Frozen enemies take more damage
  • polar cyclone – Blizzard covers a vast area and ignores line of sight


  • Dragon’s Breath – When using Dragon Breath, your slashes create a large and piercing projectile


  • flamethrower – The turret has a flamethrower instead of a minigun
  • My children – Have three mini-turrets instead of one big one

And there you have it, all the Overwatch 2 genius we’ve found so far. We’ll keep this guide updated with other talent we find. In the meantime, read about the new Overwatch 2 heroes coming to the game, plus a breakdown of Overwatch 2 roles so you know what to expect.

Additional contributions by Joe Robinson

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