Pac-Man x Sanrio figures dress up Pac-Man and the Ghost

MegaHouse announced a new line of Pac-Man figures dressed as Sanrio characters. It is described as volume one of a set, and will include six Pac-Man characters in cosplay. a single figure would cost 418円 (~$3), They are expected to be released in Japan in October 2022. They are each 33 mm, which is about an inch long.

Here is the announcement.

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— @愛鳥週間 (@mega_girlshobby) 11 May 2022

There are two versions of Pac-Man in the set, as well as the ghosts Pinky, Inky, and what appears to be Clyde. Blinky does not appear. Also, Clyde is yellow instead of orange. Pac-Man and, presumably, Ms. Pac-Man are dressed up as Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty. Pinky is wearing a Hello Kitty cap. Two versions of Clyde, My Melody and Pochco wear hats. Inky will have a pompompurin hat.

Here’s a closer look at the entire set.

This is part of the ongoing collaboration between Bandai Namco and Sanrio. back in December 2021, the mobile version of Pac-Man had themed stages. People can earn Hello Kitty ribbon cosmetics. There are also other pieces of merchandise, such as bags with containers on both lines. There were also rubber straps that people could use as keychains. When a second collection may appear, it could mean figures based on those additional designs. Some of them included Badz Maru, Sinamorol, Kuromi and the ghosts in Little Twin Stars’ Kiki and Lala.

Six Pac-Man X Sanrio character figures will appear in Japan in October 2022. Another recent Pac-Man crossover involved the time I was reborn as a slime.

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