Shin Kamen Rider Trailer Shows Kamen Rider 2

Toei Films released a new trailer for Shin Kamen Rider, giving viewers the most important look ever at the film and Kamen Rider 2. The previous teaser served more as a callback to the aesthetic of the original 1971 TV series.

Check out the trailer below.

The Shin Kamen Rider trailer consists mostly of new footage, showing Kamen Rider (played by Sosuke Ikematsu) and Ruiko Midorikawa (played by Minami Hamabe) in costume. Kamen Rider is also shown fighting, riding his Cyclone motorcycle, and performing while wearing a trench coat as seen for the first time in concept and promotional art for the film. The trailer also gives viewers a glimpse of the monsters Man Spider and Wasp Woman, both with new, updated designs. Members of Shocker, the villainous organization that kidnapped Takeshi Hongo and turned him into Kamen Rider, are briefly shown.

Finally, the trailer shows another man (played by Tasuku Emoto) in a seemingly identical Kamen Rider uniform facing Takeshi. That man is Hayato Ichimonji, known in the original series as Kamen Rider 2 (or Kamen Rider No. In the original series, Kamen Rider 2 was a second cyborg super-soldier created by Shocker to defeat Kamen Rider 1, but Kamen became Rider 1’s ally and partner.


Kamen Rider Takeshi Hongo is a grown man. He was upgraded by SHOCKER, an all-loving secret society that pursues happiness for the sake of humanity. Kamen Rider has resolved to fight against SHOCKER in order for the human to remain human.


— (@Shin_KR) 13 May 2022

The official Twitter account also promoted the Shin Kamen Rider trailer by debuting a pair of new posters. The first poster contains English language text describing the Kamen Rider. The second poster reveals that the rebooted version of Shocker is actually an acronym for “Sustainable Happiness Organization with Computational Knowledge Embedded Remodeling”. A QR code on the SHOCKER poster “links to”Official Shocker AppOn the Japanese Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app promises to feature daily updates from the “SHOCKER staff” as well as emblems and logos for SHOCKER fans, and clips from the trailer.

Shin Kamen Rider debuted in Japanese cinemas in March 2023. Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Shin Ultraman film opened in Japan on May 13, 2022.

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