Slim Rancher 2 release date and early access


Published on August 18, 2022 by Zach Eubanks

Slime Rancher and its quirky spin-off enthralled fans of the farming and simulation genre when it came out back in 2016. From cute slimes to name-inspired gizmos and gadgets that add depth and interesting mechanics to the world, fans just can’t get enough of the game. Today, the official Twitter account finally confirmed Slime Rancher 2 release date and early access Revealed the timeline, as well as some additional information that we’ve compiled for you here.

When does Slime Rancher 2 come to Early Access?

From the tweet we finally know that Slime Rancher 2 is set to release in early access on September 22nd. It will launch on PC and Xbox Series X/S and no other console releases have been announced at this time.

Series director Nick Popovich has also posted a general question Slime Rancher on the subreddit is giving us some other information about the game. First, Nick said the following:

“Launching in Early Access/Game Preview means that at launch, Slime Rancher 2 will be incomplete. It will not have all the features, slime, environments, items, story, etc. that will eventually be found throughout the game.

We’ve taken great care to make sure that Slime Rancher 2 will always feel relatively complete and playable at any point in its development, but if you’re the kind of person who wants to play through a game all at once If you want, you can just wait until the full game is released at a later date.”

Although the world will be incomplete, there will be many things to see and do. Rainbow Island is a complex place to explore and find the best places to resource, unlock shortcuts and hidden paths, and learn where different types of slime live, your future adventures in future updates of Slim Rancher 2 will help. ,

That’s everything you need to know about When Slim Rancher 2 Comes Out, If you’re still curious about Slime Rancher 2, feel free to check out our coverage of the announcement. We have plenty of guides on the original Slime Rancher and recommend checking them out as well.

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