Sons of the Forest release date and everything we know so far

It’s been a long time coming, but Sons of the Forest release date Finally coming again. The anticipated survival horror game was slated for release in May 2022, but developer Endnight Games considered this date “overly ambitious”, pushing its release to the end of 2022. Thankfully, there’s no further word if another delay is on the cards – although, of course, we don’t make any promises.

Beyond the announcements concerning a Sons of the Forest release date, Endnight Games is keeping details about the game remarkably close to its chest. Aside from some creepy teaser trailers, we’ve been kept in the dark about what players can expect. son of the forest steam page Equally concise, but promises crafting, co-op, and yes – cannibalism.

Sons of the Forest release date

Sons of the Forest is scheduled to be released in October 2022, after a delay from May. It could potentially slip again but fans will just have to wait and see.

The One enjoyed a resurgence in players ahead of its initial release date in May. Unsurprisingly, its concurrent player count has begun to climb once again, making it one of the best survival games available to play on Steam.

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Who are the sons of the forest?

Sons of the Forest is the follow-up to the cult-hit The Forest, which was released in 2018. As the sole survivor of a plane crash, you have to fight creepy cannibals and starvation to survive in the mysterious Titanic Forest. It sold really well, so it’s no surprise that the team is working on a sequel.

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