Splatoon 3. How to start single-player mode in


Jake Su Published September 9, 2022

Although Splatoon 3 is probably at its most chaotic fun when you have teams of different colored persuasion going against each other, sometimes, it can be nice to enjoy the game for yourself in the vibrant world. To do so, you can enjoy the story mode that is found in the game. just for the thinking How to start single-player mode in Splatoon 3?This guide will help.

Splatoon 3. start single-player mode in

To start right away, once you’re born in the square, just turn right and you’ll see the Cap’n Cuttlefish stick its head out of a manhole in the ground. Note that this will only happen if you haven’t spoken to him yet. get closer, and Press ZL to enter the manhole To switch to single-player story mode.

From there, you’re free to enjoy yourself in Splatoon 3 on your own, en route to receiving perhaps one of the coolest items in the game in the form of Teddy Band headgear.

now that you are clear How to start single-player mode in Splatoon 3?Stop waiting and start painting. For more information on the game, check out any of the related articles below, or check out our other guides like how to change your banners, how to swap your gear, and how to fix.

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