Watch as Call of Duty Player Wins $100k for Single Round of Warzone

Call of Duty professional player Fifakill recently won the $100k “Solo Yolo” prize at Warzone’s North American World Series, defeating 119 contestants in a single, incredibly tense game on the Caldera to become the champion of Activision Battle Royale Is.

Of all the competitions and game types in professional warzone, the World Series’ Solo Yolo is probably the purest and most sought after. There are no squads, no rounds, no points. 120 players enter a single Warzone game. The last person standing wins the prize. It’s a crude expression of a player’s Call of Duty prowess and, frankly, it’s nearly impossible to watch when it heads to the final few contenders.

Donning Rose’s skin, an England player quickly makes a couple of kills to acquire Fifakill, Armazura and Riot Shield. From there, Fifakill plays it smart and slow, chasing it through the mining camp and shortening the security zone while collecting a few more drops and gear. They head to Storage Town and survive an explosion, before barricading themselves behind a pile of mud and that precious riot shield. It’s a cage game, but with $100k at stake, what would you do?

“It’s like the worst ending ever,” says Fifakill, as he learns that the last remnants of the Security Zone are closing in around Storage Town, the incredibly tight and close-up POI that was brought back to the caldera in Season 4. Here, they adopt an interesting strategy, fortifying themselves inside a tent instead of a concrete building. “No one else would want to be in a tent,” because you can shoot through it, they explain. I think we can chill”.

Eventually, though, with 11 contestants still left, the gas forces Fifakill out of their tent, and things get incredibly tense and hectic from there. We won’t spoil the ending, but knowing that Fifakill will emerge victorious is a nail-biting scene. You can watch the full game below.

“$100k to win a game of Warzone. OMFG!,” writes Fifakill Twitter, “I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. Let’s go, boys”. “Let’s go,” writes Aydan, another CoD professional, in response to Fifakill’s victory. “The smartest in the game and it ain’t even close” .

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