Which crown is Damon wearing in House of the Dragon? Answer


Published on September 12, 2022 Dylan Chandya

Another week, another inevitable chapter of House of the Dragon. Yes, with the latest episode of HBO airing recently, many questions are coming thick and fast on fans’ lips. One such question that popped up after this week’s offering is fairly straightforward: Which crown is Damon wearing in House of the Dragon?, So, without further delay, let’s dive into it, shall we?

What crown is Damon wearing in House of the Dragon – Episode 4? Answer

After the battle at the Stepstones, where Damon Targaryen led the final attack—culminating in his final blow on the nefarious Crabfeeder—King Viserys’s brother returned to King’s Landing like a cat with a tail between his legs.

The main reason for this is that the Long and Prolonged War at Stepstone was a disapproved war that was not officially authorized by King Viserys. Still, while Damon’s victory at the Stepstones was arguably a Pyrrhic one, defeating the Triarchy ultimately benefited the Iron Throne and helped bring some stability to Westeros.

When Damon enters the chamber of the Iron Throne, he is seen wearing An unusual looking crown consisting of pointed driftwood twisted into a headpiece, This apparently backs up Viserys, who makes sense given that he is the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Then he asks his brother: “You wear a crown. Do you also call yourself ‘King’?”

Damon’s answer is provocative as he tells Room that he was named King of the Firth, which is interestingly the official name of the episode. While it is not clear who gave him this name, it is reasonable to speculate that it would most likely have been his close ally and war ally, Corlis Valarione, who worked together to defeat the Triarchy resistance at the Stepstones.

What is most significant in this scene is that Damon gets down on one knee and presents the strange crown to King Viserys, which becomes a symbol of his newfound loyalty to his brother. Whether this loyalty will last is, well, another question entirely. However, it is safe to say that The Firth’s crown is largely a symbol of loyalty and honour, and a symbol reflecting the courage and perseverance that Damon displayed during the Battle at Stepstone.,

So there you have it. We hope this helped you to find out What crown is Damon wearing in House of the Dragon, For more House of the Dragon content, see our articles answering the questions, Does Rainera want to marry Damon?, and Why does Damon reject Rainera in the pleasure house? Alternatively, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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