Who is Tighnari’s voice actor in Genshin Impact?


Tarun Sayali published on 18 August 2022

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update is near, and travelers can expect the first Dendro character known as Tighnari. Similar to other Genshin Impact characters, Tighnari’s voice lines are portrayed by two different voice-over actors, and many fans are curious to know about these voice actors. In this guide, we will show you Joe Genshin is the voice actor for Tighnari in Impact.

Genshin Impact Tighnari voice actor

In the most recent Genshin Impact trailer, the game devs revealed that Tighnari’s English and Japanese The roles are portrayed by Elliot Guindy and Sane Kobayashi, respectively.

Elliot Guindy – Tighnaari (English)

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New York-based veteran voice actor, Elliot Guindy, is renowned for his effortless and dynamic voice-over skills. Elliot completed his education at Kingsborough Community College and debuted as a freelance voice actor/narrator in 2009. With over 13 years of experience, the artist has played several major roles in anime shows and movies such as Brimstone Valley Mall, Undercity and Pokémon Journey: The Series.

Sane Kobayashi – Tighnari (Japanese)

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Born in 1980, Sane is a Japanese voice actress, best known for her voice lines in popular video games like Sakura Wars New York NY, Super Smash Bros., Gravity Rush, and many more. The artist debuted in the voice-over industry in 1999, where she played Kyoko in Cyborg Kuro-chan.

Later, Sane plays Akira Toya in Hikaru no Go, Alan Walker in D. Grey-Man, Chris Thorndike in Sonic X, and the list goes on. She has most recently voiced Reiko Natsume in Natsume’s Book of Friends and Naomi Yagiri in Durarara, which is now one of the most popular anime shows.

As we mentioned earlier, Sane Kobayashi is dubbing the Japanese voice lines of Genshin Impact’s character, Tighanari, a ranger wielding a bow and the power of the new Dendro element.

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