Why is everyone in the strange taxi in the woods an animal again? Explained


Published September 9, 2022 Keenan McCall

It’s been a long wait, but you’re finally diving into the strange taxi in the woods. You put every plot point and story development on the original series, and now you’re ready to see every new one the first film in the series brought to the table. There’s just one problem, and it comes across as a question that’s popping up in your mind: Why is everyone in the strange taxi in the woods an animal again?, We were in the same boat, and that’s why we created this guide on the matter.

Why has everyone turned back into a beast in the strange taxi in the woods? Answer

To make a long story short, everyone is an animal again strange taxi in the woods Because this is not a direct sequel to Odd Taxi anime series. Instead, the film is a retelling of the original story with new character segments and an expanded ending.

This means that Odokawa begins to regain his normal perception of people before he begins and retells the events that led to his fatal encounter with a Perspective Cab customer at the end of the original series. . You won’t be blamed for feeling a little disappointed by this realization. Ultimately, the original series ended on a huge cliffhanger that fans hoped the film would address.

However, it’s worth noting that In the Woods still has a lot to offer. The above new character segments bring some fresh perspectives to the complex story weaved by the series. They feel like natural additions to the story, as well, building on what already exists without creating unnecessary fluff.

Likewise, there is some additional visuals and content at the end. This tends to give the audience a better understanding of where the series was intended to end, but still leaves things open enough for a potential sequel to go where it wants.

hope it cleared up Why is everyone in the strange taxi in the woods an animal again, For more information on the series, check out any of the related articles below. We also have other anime-related content, including a list of the best anime OPs, best anime fights, and best anime senpais.

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