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How to Farm Artifice Armor in Destiny 2

The Artifice armor set is an excellent way to increase your power level and can be earned by completing Master difficulty dungeons like Grasp of Avarice and Duality. Players have also discovered an exploit which lets them rush through boss encounters in mere seconds!

Lightfall offers an opportunity for players to earn legendary armor sets with god tier rolls – essential components for any build in Lightfall.

Ascend the Spire

To maximize your build’s potential, the new Artifice armor sets are an excellent starting point. Each gear piece comes equipped with an additional mod slot offering a free +3 stat mod which can come in very handy during high-level end game activities.

Farming this gear requires grinding Master difficulty versions of Duality, Grasp of Avarice, and Spire of the Watcher dungeons – it may take longer, but the rewards make it worth your while: full sets of Artifice helmets, arms and legs as well as Epicurean Fusion Rifle and Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher await!

Spire of the Watcher Dungeon offers an encounter that can be repeated to unlock extra Artifice armor pieces, though not especially enjoyable. Players have found that by repeatedly engaging this encounter they can push off Nightmare of Gahlran boss from its map; though Bungie may patch this soon so players should find another means of farming this encounter.

Ascending the Spire isn’t exactly difficult, but there are ways to speed it up and make repeating easier and faster. A group of friends working together could make this encounter quicker; or players could utilize Season 15’s Trials of Osiris Reeds Regret Linear Fusion Rifle quickly destroy bosses for quicker completion times.

One way to speed up the process is using a Respawn Exploit in Duality Dungeon. This involves entering with two characters, having one of them die during a boss fight and returning back to a checkpoint where you can swap back into your main character instantly – saving a checkpoint that allows instantaneous return without waiting for weekly resets! For even faster results add another character into the fireteam!

Grasp of Avarice

Destiny 2’s most recent season introduced an all-new legendary armor set called Artifice Armor that provides an additional mod slot that boosts specific stat values on your build, greatly increasing power for end game activities such as dungeons and raids. However, gathering this gear may prove challenging as it’s only available through Master difficulty versions of specific dungeons.

Farming the set with an average Fireteam can be difficult due to most dungeons requiring high levels for completion in the first place. However, some YouTubers have come up with an effective exploit in certain dungeons which makes the process simpler and faster.

This exploit takes advantage of a bug in the Grasp of Avarice boss fight, where an aggressive Cabal boss lunges towards players and sends them over the edge. By manipulating this glitch, players can lure the boss towards the ledge where it lunges towards, jump out of its path, use Strand grapple to safely land on it and use mopping up remaining troops before opening chest to receive Artifice Armor rewards.

Though the Grasp of Avarice bug may only last temporarily, it remains an efficient means of farming Artifice Armor in Destiny 2. YouTuber Esoterickk demonstrated how best to farm Duality’s Caiatl encounter and YouTuber Esoterickk demonstrated a method similar to what can be found when farming Duality’s final boss fight – unlike with the Grasp of Avarice exploit which involves shooting or pushing off bosses onto new maps – when harvesting this armor type.

However, in order to gain entry to the Dungeon Key can only be obtained from Eververse store – this requires Silver, an expensive resource in game that requires significant time and effort to earn. Once obtained, however, a competent Fireteam should complete it quickly – no longer than four minutes from checkpoint to chest!


Artifice Armor in Destiny 2 is one of the key pieces for end-game builds, featuring an extra mod slot which can be used for seasonal buffs as well as several sets with different stat rolls.

So take advantage of it while it lasts! A recent bug in Duality Dungeon allows players to exploit an exploitative boss fight and quickly farm god-roll Artifice armor pieces for god rolls, ideal for power grinders. This strategy requires minimal input or complex gameplay; making this method suitable even for less experienced players.

This week in Lightfall expansion’s Duality Dungeon is up and running, giving players an ideal opportunity to farm gear. Encounters tend to be short, taking only minutes for quick runs. Once players reach Caiatl’s final encounter they will gain two drops that include Artifice Armor; additionally they could find an Epicurean Fusion Rifle or Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher!

In order to successfully take on this dungeon, players should first ensure they have a full fireteam. Once this has been achieved, select a class capable of consistently damaging the boss in this dungeon, such as Hunter or Warlock; once inside run through it and ensure you reach at least some levels above its maximum level before heading out of it again.

Once players reach the boss, they should equip the Strand grapple, Well of Radiance or Icarus Dash before entering combat with them and running through until death occurs – saving their checkpoint with another character as an interim measure – before switching classes and beginning the encounter as desired.

While not the only method available to you for farming Artifice armor, this one may be one of the easiest. Bungie may patch this way before the dungeon cycles out next week so take advantage of it while you still can!

Spire of the Watcher

Guardians have spent much of the Season of the Haunted’s launch staking out both the Grasp of Avarice and Duality Dungeons, in particular as both provide easier ways of farming Artifice Armor set. While Nightmare of Caiatl boss fight is popular for this purpose, new glitch in Gahlran encounter of Duality has proven more lucrative for some players.

Problematically, however, the encounter where players face off against Ghalran isn’t complete when players push him off a cliff; rather they respawn back at a checkpoint and can keep trying until they achieve success in defeating him and earning Artifice Armor for weapons like Long Arm legendary scout rifle, Seventh Seraph Carbine legendary auto-rifle or Terminus Horizon legendary machine gun upgrades. This makes farming Artifice Armor much simpler.

This exploit is both useful and likely to be patched soon, though Bungie tends to fix these kinds of bugs very swiftly. Still, while this glitch lasts it is possible to collect an entire Artifice Armor set from farming the Grasp of Avarice, Duality or Spire of the Watcher Dungeons.

Guardians looking to complete these dungeons should have at least 1590 Light Power Level. Master difficulty versions are the fastest way to acquire armor; and, with an experienced fireteam behind you, these challenges should be completed within just a few runs per week.

So if you want to experience the thrill of grinding for Artifice Armor in Destiny 2, gather up your best fireteam and head into any of the Master difficulty dungeons. After an hour or so, you should have acquired your set of Artifice Armor that can enhance any Destiny 2 Titan build, Warlock build, or Hunter build!

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