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How to Upgrade Ashes in Elden Ring

Spirit Ashes can be invaluable combat allies, helping against difficult boss fights or dispersing large groups of enemies while exploring. But upgrading these valuable weapons may prove to be challenging for newer players.

Upgrading Ashes requires Grave and Ghost Glovewort that are spread around Elden Ring as well as some merchants. Runes also come from enemies as drops that can be purchased from Roundtable Hold.

1. Find Roderika

One of the early-game summonables in Elden Ring that stands out is Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, offering decent damage and health for its cost. Later on in the game it can be upgraded into Mimic Tear to provide much greater versatility; below is a guide that shows how best to upgrade this ashes so as to maximize its potential.

Attaining this upgrade should be fairly simple, though some grinding may be required. First, meet Roderika at Stormhill Shack on the path to Roundtable Hold. Talk with her until all dialogue options have been exhausted before receiving Spirit Jellyfish Ashes and Sitting Sideways Gesture from her. Finally, speak to Smithing Master Hewg about Roderika; he may say she possesses special talent with spirits which may benefit the group.

After speaking with Roderika again, you must travel back to where she was originally found and speak with her again. She may be distressed over how her friends have been attached to a spider web and will ask you for help finding Chrysalid’s Memento located behind where Godrick grafted her; use a Site of Grace to travel back there quickly and investigate the pile of body parts being guarded by deadly dogs.

Once you have the note in hand, return to Roderika at Stormhill Shack and talk until all her dialogue has been spoken of; she will then give back the Jellyfish Spirit Ashes. Additionally, she may mention going towards Roundtable Hold so fast travel there and wait until she arrives!

Once she arrives at the Roundtable Hold, Roderika will find herself near Hewg. Hewg will observe that Roderika seems gifted at working with spirits but doesn’t wish to learn from him; keep speaking to both of them and eventually Hewg will agree that Roderika should learn how to use Spirit Tuning tools from him; which he offers to do for her; she then accepts and upgrades the Ashes accordingly.

2. Talk to Master Hewg

Spirit summons are an invaluable way to assist during boss battles or other complicated scenarios, but their use costs significant amounts of FP each time. As such, upgrading them as part of your character build is vital; just like upgrading weapons this upgrade works in much the same manner; Runes serve as currency while Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort items (special upgrade items similar to Smithing Stones) must be purchased to complete it.

At Stormhill Shack in Limgrave, Roderika can be found wearing a red hood, who will ask you to pass along her message to Rampart Tower’s little chrysalids in order to unlock Spirit Jellyfish Ashes as well as Sitting Sideways pose.

Once that has been accomplished, head over to Roundtable Hold and speak to Master Hewg. He’ll inform you that Roderika has now become a Spirit Tuner; she can be found offering tuning services in exchange for Runes and special upgrade items called Gloveworts; Grave Gloveworts allow upgrades of common Ashes while Ghost Gloveworts unlock more elite Spirit Ashes such as Banished Knight Oleg.

Once you have collected enough Runes and Gloveworts, return to Stormhill Shack and speak with Roderika again. She can provide upgrades on any Spirit Ashes you bring her; however, only those at their highest levels will be accepted; thus it is necessary for you to continue grinding higher-level Spirit Ashes so as to continue receiving upgrades; though remember, all upgrades made will carry forward into New Game Plus; making it worth your while for taking on tougher challenges in the Lands Between again and again!

3. Bring Roderika to the Roundtable Hold

Spirit summons are powerful allies in the Lands Between, but their lifespan can only last so long before needing upgrading. Luckily, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring features a system which enables players to level up these spectral companions so that they stay viable during each of the game’s many boss battles. To upgrade them successfully, players should seek out NPC Roderika at Stormhill Shack early in their game play experience and purchase upgrades there.

Once players find Roderika, they can engage in dialogue until she decides that she needs to go the Roundtable Hold in search of purpose in life. Once she leaves Stormhill Shack and head for Roundtable Hold, players won’t find her again there but rather at Smithing Master Heug’s workshop across from him at Roundtable Hold. When talking with Roderika there, she offers her services as a Spirit Tuner by upgrading Spirit Ashes that players have in exchange for Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort from her service as Spirit Tuner!

Although Roderika may seem out of place at first, FromSoftware’s decision to move her is actually for the best. The Roundtable Hold is an area teeming with enemies and dungeons; making it an ideal environment for Spirit Tuner Roderika than Stormhill Shack where she often felt overwhelmed.

When players approach the Roundtable Hold and talk with Roderika, she will tell them she feels much more at home there than at her former location in Shack – she wants to assist players with their missions more directly! It is great seeing her so contented in her new position!

Once players have spoken with Roderika, they should return with her Chrysalid’s Note to Heug the Smithing Master and select ‘About Roderika’ from dialogue options. Heug will tell her about the power she holds and that Heug believes she would make an invaluable asset in Roundtable Hold. Following that conversation, players should head back out into Roundtable Hold to meet Roderika again and reward them with Golden Seeds as thanks for their assistance.

4. Talk to Roderika again

Spirit Ashes are an integral component of Elden Ring’s battle system, enabling players to summon ghostly allies that can assist in combat. Many spirits possess unique attacks which can turn the tides of battle. Unfortunately, upgrading these spirits may prove challenging without proper guidance and instruction.

First step to upgrading Spirit Ash summons is talking with Roderika, the only NPC in Limgrave who can do this. You can find her near Limgrave’s Gatefront Site of Grace near Stormhill Shack.

Speak to Roderika until all her dialogue options have been exhausted, then head back over to Roundtable Hold to meet Smithing Master Hewg. Alternate between speaking to them until Hewg mentions seeing Roderika around, at which point you should return back to Roderika until she accepts your offer of becoming an apprentice Spirit Tuning Apprentice.

Once she accepts this offer, Roderika will move into Roundtable Hold’s main area and set up shop across from Hewg’s blacksmith shop. Here she will offer spirit tuning services for both Grave and Ghost Glovewort items and runes – the former can be found all around Elden Ring while for Ghost Glovewort items can only be obtained by visiting catacombs and underground caves.

Roderika will use any items or runes brought to her to upgrade any Spirit Ash summon owned by the player to a higher level, including both common and special Spirit Ashes like those belonging to Haligree, Farum Azula or Mountaintops of Giants.

Upgraded Spirit Ashes will significantly boost their damage and health output, speed, accuracy and defense capabilities – helping take down even the toughest bosses in the game with ease!

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