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God of War Ragnarok: Will There Be Another God of War Game?

With God of War Ragnarok having concluded its Norse saga, many players wonder whether there will be another game. Although Sony Santa Monica studio may eventually produce another sequel after this release.

Fans have taken well to this relaunched franchise featuring Kratos and his son Atreus as protagonists, but with their story now completed there will likely be new God of War titles?

Will it be a trilogy?

God of War was a groundbreaking action game that upended Greek myth, creating a revolutionary combat formula used in many action/adventure titles today. A sequel was released in 2018 that focused on Kratos’ journey with Norse deities taking the spotlight, but Sony Santa Monica recently revealed this will not be happening.

Producer and director Cory Barlog confirmed in an interview with YouTuber Kaptain Kuba that God of War Ragnarok will mark the conclusion of Norse Saga. According to Barlog, doing three separate games would require five years per title and would diminish their emotional impact.

Sony Santa Monica Studio stands out in an age where media content often features trilogies by forgoing this trend with their franchise. Trilogies may have their place; Lord of the Rings and Star Wars being two such examples – but stories should focus on telling their tale rather than on being divided into three parts.

God of War Ragnarok will bring to a satisfying close Kratos’ Norse arc and may leave open the possibility for future adventures with Japanese mythology, though that will depend on fan sentiment and demand. However, with so much critical acclaim received for its predecessor series and many fans still wanting more adventures with Kratos and Atreus it seems likely more will follow soon enough.

As yet, we don’t know the details behind the next God of War game; however, some fans have proposed returning to Greek mythology or exploring Japanese folklore – either way it will surely make for an exciting addition.

Will Kratos and Atreus be in it?

God of War series has always featured Kratos as its central protagonist, making it impossible to imagine life without him as lead character. Unfortunately, following the end of God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos has left Midgard in search of remaining Giants; although Sony Santa Monica Studio has yet to confirm whether there will be another game following on Atreus’ legacy.

One theory floating around for the next game in this franchise suggests a new pantheon will emerge to save humanity from power-hungry Kratos, after destroying both Greek and Norse pantheons with his strength. Other gods fear Kratos’ strength due to his destruction of both Greek and Norse pantheons.

This idea would add an exciting and unpredictable new layer to the franchise. Kratos could face off against another group of gods that have yet to be destroyed by him and test his mettle with them; one option could include Egyptian gods that were destroyed during his first game; or Greek ones, still living but potentially killed off, like Zeus (power incarnate), Hera (love), Apollo (skill incarnate) and Dionysus (revenge incarnate).

It seems likely that Atreus will appear in God of War: Ragnarok as well, making an appearance in its final credits where he appears to have embarked upon an uncertain journey and Faye, his wife and Faye’s mother has disproved the prophecy foretelling his return to Norse mythology.

Other ideas include including dwarf brothers Brok and Sindri in God of War 2, along with Tyr, who advocates peace, Kratos comes to respect him more, as well as Angrboda – suspected by some fans to be Loki’s romantic interest – who owns Fenrir. All these characters would make great additions to future God of War games while giving fans something fresh to interact with.

Will it be a standalone?

As God of War Ragnarok was an enormous hit, fans are hoping that more games in the series are announced by Santa Monica Studios – though their silence on that point suggests another may be coming soon! God of War Ragnarok’s revitalized popularity could suggest just that!

God of War Ragnarok marks an endpoint for Norse era of God of War franchise. It details events leading up to Ragnarok, or end of world. Therefore, it seems unlikely that studio will continue with Norse-themed games after this one.

God of War Ragnarok marks a departure from previous God of War games by featuring Odin and Thor alongside their Aesir god counterparts such as Kratos. Additionally, Kratos’ immortality will soon end and new adventures for both Atreus and Kratos may unfold as part of this installment’s Norse Saga arc.

God of War V differs significantly from previous installments in terms of gameplay experience, yet still provides similar gameplay elements. Notable changes include revamped combat system that utilizes an axe instead of Kratos’ chain blades and over-the-shoulder camera for more grounded gameplay, in addition to offering ranged and melee attacks for players to select.

The new game also offers players multiple dungeons and enemies to overcome, as well as a much more diverse cast than previous titles, with characters like Freya, Fenrir and Heimdall who all play key roles in Norse mythology being introduced as new faces in gameplay.

Though not strictly necessary to enjoy God of War Ragnarok, playing previous titles in the series may enhance your experience immensely. The narrative arc connects all past games together seamlessly, providing you with a better grasp on its lore and how it pertains to its current arc.

Will it be a sequel?

After decimating the Greek pantheon, Kratos appears to be looking forward to new challenges and adversaries he can battle in God of War Ragnarok – specifically Frey and Thor from Norse mythology who featured prominently in a trailer released at PlayStation Showcase 2021 as main villains in God of War Ragnarok trailer featuring cinematic footage as well as gameplay.

God of War Ragnarok will conclude the Norse saga begun with 2018’s soft reboot under director Eric Williams instead of series veteran Cory Barlog, set a few years post-event and featuring Kratos on his final Norse journey. Set for release on PS4 and PS5, Ragnarok is expected to launch sometime during 2022.

Ragnarok will allow players to visit all nine realms – including Vanaheim, Svartalfheim and Asgard that were inaccessible prior to God of War – which may indicate Sony Santa Monica Studio may expand the franchise by including more locations and pantheons.

God of War Ragnarok goes beyond simply introducing new characters by also providing some compelling thematic payoffs. For instance, its storyline involves Freyr’s sacrifice while setting Brok off on his path of revenge and Sindri being taken off life support so suddenly and poignantly.

However, these storylines might be too direct for fans of the series who expect more than just another God of War game to satisfy them. On the bright side, there are indications that the team behind it are working on an independent sequel in the near future.

God of War Ragnarok has proven an unprecedented success, garnering critical acclaim and selling in record-setting numbers – suggesting a sequel is very real possibility.

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