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Can You Ride a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy includes several mounts reminiscent of Harry Potter such as Hippogriffs and Thestrals; however, players won’t be able to ride on one. Instead, there is an unicorn den located within Forbidden Forest near Upper Hogsfield that players can visit to capture unicorns for breeding in their Vivariums.

How to Capture a Unicorn

Hogwarts Legacy’s main story line brings players into contact with an assortment of Fantastic Beasts which they can capture and breed for various uses, some being more common than others; an example being the unicorn whose hair can be used to upgrade gear for combat purposes and increase defense bonuses.

Hogwarts Legacy players looking to catch a Unicorn must first visit Betty in the Room of Requirements and ask her for help in rescuing its unique unicorn friend, which can be found in a Unicorn Den north of Hogsfield Floo Flame. Betty will provide instructions as to where it can be found, though players should approach slowly so as not to startle or startle it, otherwise it will flee! When close enough, players must cast a freezing spell to stop its movement for some moments before finally starting capture with Nab-Sack capture! Once captured, players must report back to Betty that they’ve caught one in Hogwarts Legacy to tell her of their success – before returning back into Hogwarts Legacy can begin once more!

Once players catch a unicorn, they can sell it for gold to Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade or add it to their own Vivarium in the Room of Requirements. While the unicorn cannot be mounted or ridden directly, its golden offspring may still produce golden offspring similar to its standard form and appear in your inventory where you can either sell them off individually or add them as part of your collection.

How to Breed a Unicorn

One of the great joys of Hogwarts Legacy lies in capturing and breeding magical creatures for use in upgrading gear in one’s Vivarium or selling offspring as cash-cows. But none are more prized than unicorns; their majestic presence being almost impossible to capture or ride without assistance – this guide will walk players through each step needed in finding, capturing, breeding or riding one!

Hogwarts Legacy’s creatures can usually be captured easily by visiting their Habitat and using the capture meter, however unicorns require more steps for capture. Players must first approach one while saying Accio or Glacius; once contained they can then say Arresto Momentum to capture it and shelter it within their Room of Requirement.

To accomplish this task, players should visit the Unicorn Den near Hogsmeade Square’s floating flame. There, they will meet Betty who asks for their assistance in saving her special Unicorn friend. Players will have to muster up their courage and venture deep into Forbidden Forest in order to rescue this beautiful creature.

Once in the Unicorn Den, players will notice only one Unicorn present; either male or female depending on which version is selected. As this differs from most Magical Beasts in the game that appear as groups, frequent visits will likely be required in order to catch one or both of these majestic creatures.

Once a pair of Unicorns has been caught, their offspring can be bred in a Vivarium for reproduction. This process works just like breeding any other creature within the game – needing both male and female unicorns in order to produce offspring that can later be sold at 120 Galleons each.

How to Harvest Unicorn Hair

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to interact with various magical creatures and collect magical materials. One of the most sought-after items is Unicorn Hair, used to upgrade various pieces of gear in the game. Luckily, there are some strategies which make getting hold of this unicorn hair easier!

Once they reach close enough, players should use Accio or another levitating spell such as Accio to capture a unicorn. Do this stealthily and make use of Disillusionment spell to hide your appearance as Unicorns are generally shy creatures who run away when they notice humans nearby. Once close enough, Accio or similar levitation spell can be used to grab it!

Once a unicorn has been captured, it should be housed in a vivarium in the Room of Requirements, where players may decorate it as desired. To properly care for it, players will need to feed, brush and spray with water regularly in order to stay hydrated and ensure its wellbeing.

As well as being able to tame and breed unicorns, players can also harvest their hair. The process may seem easy enough; however, patience must be shown in the harvesting of unicorn hair. In order to collect it for harvesting purposes, players first collect their unicorn and place it into a breeding pen; once in there they must wait until its baby has been born before collecting and taking it back to vivarium for it’s new home.

Hogwarts Legacy does not allow players to ride unicorns directly, but they can still earn considerable amounts by selling them. A good place for this is Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade Village; here, the shopkeeper will pay 700 galleons per unicorn sold to them.

Hogwarts Legacy makes catching and breeding unicorns an effective way to earn money, but doing so can be difficult. Unicorns have a low respawn rate so players must frequent the Unicorn Den often in order to find one; after visiting for several days or more in-game before returning again in an attempt to catch another unicorn.

How to Keep a Unicorn

Hogwarts Legacy features a vast assortment of exotic and unusual magical creatures, but one species stands out among all others: unicorns! These magnificent beasts from fairy tales can be captured and kept as part of a Vivarium in Room of Requirement; however, finding and capturing one may prove challenging, with some players only ever managing to capture one after developing the necessary strategies to do so.

As opposed to Puffskeins, Jobberknolls, and Mooncalfs which can be captured anywhere across the Forbidden Forest, unicorns spawn in specific spots within it. Players can reach these areas by running down paths or flying on a broomstick. The Unicorn Den can be found in the Forbidden Forest near Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame and west of North Ford Bog Entrance Foo Flame. When approaching it from behind, players should approach carefully so as to not alert any Unicorn that might appear nearby; otherwise it will run away as soon as it catches sight of you! Glacius or Aresto Momentum can help slow down an animal, while Disillusionment or an Invisibility Potion allow players to sneak closer. Once in striking distance, players can land three hits with their Nab-Sack to officially capture it.

Once a player has successfully captured a unicorn, they can return to Betty Bugbrooke in Hogsmeade Square and tell her of their good news. Unlike some rescue quests wherein owners request you return their beastly friend, Betty will be thrilled that her friend now lives safely under protective ownership and feels comforted knowing her friend is being cared for properly.

Once a player has an unicorn in their Vivarium, they can harvest its hair to use towards upgrading equipment and gain experience from it as well as keep your unicorn happy and fed by harvesting its hair frequently. Harvesting can also give a small amount of experience so players should do all they can to ensure their unicorn stays happy and well fed!

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