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How to Use the Breeding Pen in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s Breeding Pen feature allows players to bred endangered beasts for inclusion in their Vivarium, making this feature available after completing Deek’s side quest, Foal of the Dead. To unlock it, players must first complete this side quest first.

This will involve using a Nab-Sack to capture two Thestrals and purchasing Spellcraft from Hogsmeade’s Tomes and Scrolls stores, then returning back to Deek to set up their vivarium.

How to Unlock the Breeding Pen

As soon as you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, one of your primary objectives will likely be taming and breeding some of the many magical beasts residing within its realms. But before doing this, it’s necessary to learn how to unlock its breeding pen first.

The breeding pen is an item in Spellcraft that allows you to breed any creatures you’ve captured. Although relatively expensive and only capable of holding four animals at a time, once unlocked you can begin farming gold by rescuing and breeding beasts – though you should note that you can only use it once daily and it takes 30 minutes for any creature to procreate in real time.

To unlock the breeding pen, it will require that both male and female animals of a single species are in your possession. When this has been accomplished, interact with the pedestal sign near the gates of your Room of Requirement to place them inside and receive notifications as to when you can expect their offspring to arrive!

Note that the breeding pen will only become available once you’ve completed two side quests for Deek and Charles Rockwood’s Trial main quest, at which time you can purchase it from Hogsmeade’s Tomes and Scrolls vendor.

A breeding pen can be a valuable asset in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery as it allows players to earn gold by breeding captured beasts they’ve captured and creating more rare ones by levelling up taming skills and increasing breeding rates. As such, it makes an investment worthwhile for any fan of Harry Potter franchise!

How to Set Up the Breeding Pen

Hogwarts Legacy’s Breeding Pen can help you generate extra gold quickly. By breeding beasts for high payouts, this tool offers an excellent way to increase profits. However, to maximize profit potential it’s essential that you use it effectively!

Unlocking a Breeding Pen should be your initial step. This can be accomplished by completing two side quests – Foal of the Dead and Plight of the House Elf – then purchasing its Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmead.

Once you have the spellcraft, breeding beasts in a Breeding Pen becomes possible. There is only a limit of four Breeding Pens at any one time in your Vivarium; each costs 15x Moonstones to set up. Once placed, capture male and female Thestrals to begin breeding them together!

Once you have rescued both male and female Thestrals, enter the Room of Requirement and talk with Deek; this will initiate the Foal of the Dead side quest which serves as a tutorial for Breeding Pen. In it, Deek asks you to capture two Thestrals using Nab-Sack; once complete head back out to Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmead and buy one Breeding Pen Spellcraft (to complete).

Once you have purchased the Breeding Pen, return to the Room of Requirement and speak to Deek. He will ask you to enter the Vivarium and set up your Breeding Pen there. When completed, bring back a male and female Thestral from Hogwarts Legendary for breeding; once completed sell offspring for a high payout; this method can provide extra gold earnings in Hogwarts Legendary; although slower than an active Beast Farming Route or Disillusionment Chest farm farm; nonetheless it still provides extra gold earnings in Hogwarts Legendary!

How to Use the Breeding Pen

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to explore a magical world while flying a broomstick, save magical creatures, tame and breed them for offspring, then sell these to manufacturers to upgrade gear. Taming creatures through breed is known as Beast Taming; through it you will gain rare materials used in upgrading gear. This guide will show how to access and use one of four vivariums available within your Room of Requirement to gain this skill set.

In order to gain access to a breeding pen, first complete several side quests from Deek, the house-elf located in the Room of Requirement. Start off with his third side quest “Foal of the Dead,” in which you must stealthily capture both male and female Thestral using your Nab-Sack and return later to Hogsmeade Tomes and Scrolls shop to purchase Spellcraft supplies.

Spellcraft can be purchased with 1000 Galleons, but players won’t be able to do so until completing certain main and side quests. To start off, players will need to reach level 20 and complete Charles Rockwood Trail and Trial 2. From there, fast travel to Hogsmeade via South Hogsmeade Floo Powder fast travel spot before following Street 13 down until Tomes and Scrolls appear!

Once you have the Spellcraft, return to Deek in the Room of Requirement and speak with him about it. He’ll inform you that the best way to assist in magical beast rescue is through breeding them; to do this, a Breeding Pen must be purchased at Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade.

To use the Breeding Pen, players will first need to place it in their Room of Requirement and press either A or X on their console controllers when approaching it. After approaching, players can choose their desired species by pressing either or A on either controller and approaching again after pressing either or A again – then simply wait 30 real-world minutes while breeding takes place!

How to Breed Beasts

Hogwarts Legacy provides players with a chance to rescue mythical beasts known as Beasts that they can care for in their Room of Requirement, feed, tame and breed them into offspring. Breeding Beasts can be more complex than you may realize though; players should know certain details prior to breeding them successfully.

First, players must unlock the ability to breed beasts by completing two side quests from Deek, the House Elf in the Room of Requirement. Plight of the House Elf requires players to rescue a male and female Thestral from Capture Point before undertaking Deek’s Foal of the Dead quest in Hogsmeade for 1000 gold and then taking it back to their Vivarium in Room of Requirement.

Once players possess a Breeding Pen, they can use it to breed Beasts of their choosing by placing a male and female of the same species inside it and engaging with its entrance book in order to start the breeding process. After completion, players can collect offspring from the pen and sell them at Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade for 120 gold each.

Breeding beasts in Hogwarts Legacy may seem straightforward, but players must take caution not to accidentally kill offspring while collecting them. To achieve this goal, players must quickly and accurately interact with the book in front of each breeding pen entrance – otherwise their offspring could be lost forever! However, this needn’t be too frustrating since players need this offspring to progress with Foal of the Dead quest in Room of Requirement; Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade provide another start point where this process can start all over again!

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