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How to Get the Sasquatch Outfit in GTA 5

GTA Online’s weekly update brings with it many rewards, such as the Sasquatch outfit that can be found free to players this week.

Rockstar Games has released two special Halloween cosmetics for GTA 5, including a Big Foot costume and death mask. Both can be obtained simply by logging in on October 31. To earn them for free.

1. Eat the Peyote Plant

GTA 5 has always had an affinity for Sasquatchs (or Big Feets, depending on who’s talking)! From Harry and the Hendersons’ beloved hairy sasquatch to Franklin encountering one in The Last One mission, Rockstar’s fondness for these mythical beasts seems unwavering; that even extends to their new DLC in which players can temporarily transform into hairy Sasquatchs for limited amounts of time in order to cause some trouble!

To do so, players will need to consume a peyote plant – an exclusive new feature recently introduced into the game – found throughout both land and sea locations of the map. When eating one, their character is temporarily transformed into any number of random animal forms ranging from dogs, bears and Chop (Franklin’s dog).

Begin at the south end of Paleto Bay where it can be found nestled within a puddle near riverbank and metal bridge. After that, visit Bahnam Canyon where there’s a mansion with large pool that features peyote planted behind it; look for potted plants along side some succulents as the most visible signs.

There’s another peyote found in the Pacific Ocean. This one can be found at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by tall seaweeds and purple corals, at the base of an outlying group of rocks that stands out from its surroundings.

Peyote plants can easily be identified by their green hue and the sound they make when approached, along with the way that their controller begins vibrating as soon as a player comes close to it. When consumed, players become transformed into animals until either their character dies or consumes another plant – though while in this form they cannot drive vehicles or enter buildings.

2. Go to Mount Chiliad

GTA games are known for featuring numerous Easter eggs and mysteries that keep players guessing long after release. From ghostly presences on Mount Gordo to aliens that pop up over San Andreas, Rockstar has mastered including plenty of mysteries sure to keep fans busy for years after release – one such mystery centers on a mountain called Mount Chiliad in Blaine County.

Mount Chiliad stands as the tallest peak in San Andreas and can be seen from almost any landmark within its reach. Situated to the north of Grapeseed and southeast of Paleto Bay, it can be found within Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. At its base sits a cable car station where passengers can ride all the way up. Interestingly enough, this cable car station also hosts a mural depicting what appears to be a UFO along with various symbols depicted there as well.

Over years of GTA playback, Mount Chiliad Mysteries held GTA fans captive. Numerous theories concerning its meaning arose – one suggesting it might reveal a secret jetpack buried deep within its code; although no jetpack was revealed ultimately. But new connections kept emerging from every update released for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game: from secret radio broadcasts about meteors hitting Los Angeles to morse code found within game files; there was always something new that came up for investigation in relation to Mount Chiliad Mysteries community members!

More recently, Mount Chiliad’s mystery has been reignited through a series of YouTube shorts posted by GTA fan ArcFX. His videos use GTA V’s weather systems to explain his theory that Mount Chiliad formed 100 million years ago by tracing its sedimentary layers; his hypothesis suggests it once stood separate from San Andreas map’s continents but currently still retains pieces of it that have yet to erode away.

3. Consume the Peyote Plant in the Right Time

GTA fans are used to participating in various activities within the game, from completing high stakes heist missions to creating their own criminal syndicates. One particularly intriguing option available to players is taking an unusual peyote plant that transforms them into Bigfoot.

Bigfoot, an elusive mythical beast often associated with Harry and the Hendersons, has long been seen across the globe. GTA: V features one such mission in which Franklin tracks down someone dressed up as this hairy monster; however, this marks the first time Rockstar Games has given players an opportunity to become it themselves!

To transform into Bigfoot, players need to eat from a special peyote plant located at the foot of Mount Chiliad and consume it between 3 am and 8 am when weather conditions are foggy – any other time or condition won’t produce the desired effects.

Once consumed, the plant respawns in its original location and can be eaten again; however, only one plant per day may be consumed under certain conditions and players cannot drive or enter buildings while playing Bigfoot mode.

Anyone interested in obtaining the new Bigfoot outfit will be pleased to know it’s quite straightforward: just log into GTA Online on October 31st and receive it free. In addition, GTA Online’s weekly update also brings with it other spooky goodies, including Death Masks and Clone Slasher Freemode events!

Dataminers first noticed the Sasquatch outfit following GTA 5’s Summer Update release, yet it only became available this week’s update. It coincides with Halloween event features like Adversary Mode, new vehicles and various bonuses for players to unlock.

4. Eat the Peyote Plant in the Right Place

GTA 5 Online offers players plenty of activities they can engage in, from high-stakes heists to driving around and exploring. One unique aspect is turning into Bigfoot by eating Peyote Plants at specific spots around the map.

Peyote Plants were introduced to the game with the 2022 Halloween Update and have since been discovered in 27 locations. When players discover one, they can eat it to experience hallucinations; once taken, this hallucination transforms them into random animals for free travel around their city!

If the player eats Peyote Plant anywhere else or at any other time of day, they won’t experience hallucinations. However, if they take their dose on Mount Chiliad near two red flags near the base of batting cage at Chamberlain Hills/La Puerta border baseball stadium on Mount Chiliad and near red flags near base of batting cage during 3am-8am when weather is foggy or snowy they will get this experience.

Los Santos International Airport offers another Peyote Plant behind the Customs Garage near some old broken buses; it can easily be located. Vinewood Hills East of Humane Labs and Research also has an underground location, but to reach this one requires completion of Wildlife Photography Challenge as well as having scuba gear.

Paleto Bay lies to the east of a large pier, in its waters. To gain entry here, players will require having completed the Aquatic Wildlife Photography Challenge and possessing scuba equipment. Once they do this, they can head down into the water, swim down between its pillars, and search between cacti that emit noise when approached – they can then consume them!

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